Meta: Files

Exalted Ruleset

Feats 2.0 Core Ideas (PDF)

Feats 2.0.1 Draft Proposal (v1.1) (PDF)

Character Creation 2.0 (PDF)

Character Sheet 2.02 (PDF)

Weapons 2.0 (PDF) by minmaxnz
Weapons 2.02 (PDF)

Sphere of Arcane 2.03 (PDF)
Sphere of Battle 2.02 (PDF)
Sphere of Chaos 2.03 (PDF)
Sphere of Creation 2.03 (PDF)
Sphere of Order 2.03  (PDF)
Sphere of Subtlety 2.02 (PDF)

Savage Worlds Ruleset

Savage Legends (PDF) – core book detailing any changes to the standard Savage Worlds rules.
Savage Legends Appendices (PDF) – charts and references, particularly gear lists.
Savage Grimoire (PDF) – all of the spells for Savage Legends.

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All files are made by Matthew Coulthurst (except for content made by other people) – use them, abuse them, change them, share them. Just don’t pretend they’re yours.


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