Here lies the collected information on the world of the Three Pillars. This is the fluff, not the crunch. My practice will be to sketch an outline for each page and then add detail as required – either by request or as the campaign requires.


  • Geography of the North – Carathan Empire, the Chaos Marches, the Western Wastes.
  • Geography of the East – The Savage March.
  • Geography of the South – Surayan Satrapys, Godwall Mountains.
  • Geography of the Forsaken Sea – Lionhead, Isles of the Seekers, Stonespire.
  • History of Ancient Times – Before the Sundering.
  • History of Man: Part I – After the Sundering: the formation of the Carathan Empire.
  • History of Man: Part II – After the Sundering: an account of the Surayan Satrapys.
  • Recent Events – Events of note that occur in living memory.
  • Magic & Spirits – a primer on the nature of spirits and their relation to magic.
  • Elves – History and nature of the remaining elven people.
  • Dwarves – History and nature of the duerfolk.

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