** First draft of Ancient History for Legend of the Three Pillars **


Pre-Intervention map

In the perioid leading up to The Great Intervention, Men are client-states to the Elven kingdoms, or slaves in the case of the Over-Empire, although they do live free on the frontiers of the Dwarven states.

Disgusted at the treatment of Men by the Over-Empire the Dwarves war against the Arch-Heretic. They create the first Dragons and win the war that would be known as The Great Intervention. An uneasy truce is forged between the Dwarven steads and the newly ascendent kings of Men.


Post Great Intervention map

The Dwarven trade empire flourishes under the aegis of their draconic servants. However the Magisters remaining in the enclaves of the former Over-Empire begin work on a way to defeat the Dragons. They are aided by sympathisers within Candalar and Cartisan who fear the growing power of the Dwarf-Human alliance. Meanwhile the kingdoms of Man thrive in the lands where they were once slaves.

Hostilities simmer but the truce holds for a hundred years. During this time Elven magic use begins to exceed their ability to control it. The world slowly starts to tear asunder, the damage gathering momentum as the Imperial magisters unleas their anti-draconic weapons. The face of the world changes. Entire kingdoms vanish and a massive tear in the fabric of the world opens an Umbral rift in Candalar.

The Human hero Carathas devises a ritual to prevent the destruction of the world. Ten thousand human souls are consumed as Carathas and his companions sunder the Prime and lock it into the Three Pillars. In that moment the entire Elven race is cut off from Primal sources of magic – most perish from the shock and the majority of those who remain are struck with an addiction-like madness. Elven civilisation is effectively destroyed.

The Dwarves, still reeling from the Over-Empire’s renewed assault, are no longer able to control the Dragons. The beasts turn on their masters, slaughtering entire steads. A great exodus ensues but any dwarves that do not make it to the safety of the northern holds perish in dragon fire.


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