Campaign Ideas (Again)

Just one today, to coincide with the release of Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth – Rising Tide.1432

Beyond Earth (working title)

Summary: In the throes of ecological collapse, the nations and mega-corporations of Earth send out hundreds of Seed Ships into the galaxy. The million colonists, selected for their skills, knowledge, or by luck, are mankind’s only hope for survival.

Features: Alien environments! Futuristic technology! Multiple Factions! Two campaigns running side by side!

Mission Specialists: Soldiers, scientists, and engineers, this team are the first to be awoken from cryogenic stasis when the Seed Ship arrives in orbit. They are the vanguard of the colonial effort: their successes will ensure the prosperity of their colony, but their failures could cost hundreds of lives. Fight alien monstrosities! Explore hostile environments! Protect the colony from opposing factions!

Colonial Administrators: With no communication from Earth, the Administrators must balance the needs of the colony against the political aims of the Council. The fate of thousands is in their hands, and they are not alone: other factions have their own agendas and only the Administrators can keep them at bay. Build a successful colony! Manipulate your rivals! Expand your faction’s territory!


~ by occam99 on October 11, 2015.

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  1. Some good ideas…

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