Campaign Ideas

Since it has come up, here are some of my ideas for new campaigns:

Savage Legends: Coming of Age

The characters are youngsters in a castle town on the frontier. They grow up together, getting into scrapes and going on grand adventures, all the while gaining proficiency in their chosen professions. A darkness is spreading, however, and the characters may be put to the test sooner than they’d like.

Features: Savage Legends campaign setting, custom character generation, ‘career’ advancement path, new story.

Development Document (PDF)

The Jaguar’s Eye

Avast, landlubber, and prepare to set sail on the treacherous Caribbean during the 17th Century. Become a swashbuckling pirate captain, a patriotic privateer, or suave soldier of fortune. Protestant missionaries, black-clad Jesuits, and painted voodoo priests will vie for the souls of men; while shadowy cults and secret societies ply the streets of Kingston and Tortuga.

Features: New, low magic system for Christian & pagan priests. Player driven plot-point campaign inspired by high-adventure works like Pirates of the Caribbean and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Setting rules for skill specialisations and ship to ship combat.

Development Document (coming)


Harbinger (Savaged)

If anyone knows where the Harbinger virus came from, they aren’t saying, but its effects are undeniable. Psychic powers, super intellect, and physical mutations are rapidly changing the face of crime and a new breed of law enforcement officer is required. Small elite teams operate on the fringes of society to take down the new breed of Enhanced criminals, using experimental technology, superior training, and their own Enhanced abilities.

Features: Modern technology and real world locations. Psychic abilities and mutations using the Superpowers arcane background. Episodic campaign with a unifying background plot, inspired by works like X-Files, Crossing Lines, and X-Com.

Development Document (coming)


Savage Golarion

The world of Pathfinder is highly developed and there is an abundance of professional quality material to support it – from atlases and almanacs to bestiaries and class-books, from entire campaigns to individual modules. While I don’t really want to play Pathfinder (OK, maybe I do want to dabble but I’d like to play rather than GM), the material alone makes me want to run these adventures in the world they were written for, instead of trying to shoehorn it into my own worlds, which usually have a vastly different outlook and flavour.

Features: Pathfinder converted to Savage Worlds with some excellent conversion rules by Zadmar. Campaigns and adventures by some of the best RPG writers in the business. Old school D&D.

Development Document (coming)


That’s what I have rattling around in my head for now. I’m sure there’s others, and none of this means I want to abandon the current campaign and the stories I have crafted for it.


~ by occam99 on August 28, 2015.

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