The new campaign will be called Splintered. There is a new Obsidian Portal site set up for it here: https://savage-legends-splintered.obsidianportal.com/. Not much to see yet, but it will be better updated than the last one (I hope).

Character connections: I am going to borrow a page from the Dresden Files RPG.

  1. Imagine that we are writing the blurb on the back of a book about how your character got to the start of the campaign.
  2. Based on what I have been told about your character, I will write a few lines about your character and how they fit into the world.
  3. You nominate another player. They write a few lines on how they fit into your character’s back story.
  4. They nominate another player who also writes a couple of lines.
  5. It passes back to you, and you add a few lines to finish it off.

The basic premise requires that your character be relatively new to adventuring. They don’t have to be young, but I don’t need a party of legion veterans, or characters with extensive missions independent from the campaign. You don’t really need much of a hook to be involved since, hopefully, the above method will throw plenty of hooks around.

The campaign will begin in the West March, as a merchant caravan arrives in the seedy town of Falcon’s Hollow, nestled on the edge of Darkmoon Vale.

I will start for each of the characters that has been made so far:

PAUL: My father, a retired Greybeard of the Tower, always impressed upon me the need for authority. His martial training and skill with the Words have stood me in good stead since leaving Tor Egan. I’m glad he sent me out of that nightmare when he could, although I worry for the rest of my family still trapped in the city. I have been working where I can, selling my skills to traders as a guard – a service sorely needed in these dark times.[PASS IT ON]

WAYNE: Things were going so well. I had a bed to sleep in and a warm meal at least once a day. Master Eddin, the artificer,  was stern and uncompromising, but I still had it better than most of Tor Egan. Then the palamyr went missing – that stupid jade statuette Eddin was always harping on about. I don’t know what happened to it, but the blame was placed on me. I was branded as a thief and thrown in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. [PASS IT ON]

CRAIG: Who could have possibly known that the old alchemist was so well connected? Stealing the palamyr was the easy part, and what the Prefect was offering for it would have set me up for life. Before I could hand it off, the Vigiles start tearing up the city looking for it, the Prefect is nowhere to be found, and I have to get out of Tor Egan. I admit to feeling guilty about what happened to the alchemist’s apprentice – perhaps I can make a detour to the gaol before I go over the wall…[PASS IT ON]

GREG: Life is simple out here on the new frontier. Hunt for enough food to eat. Earn enough coin to spend at the ale-house. Avoid being killed by wild animals, bandits, or black-bloods…or black-blood bandits riding wild animals if the stories are to be believed. Engrit’s caravan, to which you have hired as a scout, has given you opportunity to do all three, although it has taken on a few unusual passengers of late. [PASS IT ON]

BEN: As a man(?) of learning, of books and letters, life in the blighted West March is a trial. Dispatched from the comfort of my cell in the Monolith and sent abroad to gather the scattered records of an empire at war, I am earnestly reviewing the choices that lead me to this war torn land. Still, the Battle-master has claimed that this is an important task and I have free rein to go about it as I wish – something I would never have if the task had been assigned by the deacons. Traveling with Engrit’s caravan has made things easier, and I’m sure there are some stories to be found among those I travel with. [PASS IT ON]

DAVE: Go for it. Give me something – I’ll change it if necessary. The party so far is all human – an Order spell-blade, an Artificer/beast tamer, a city-bred thief, a hunter/ranger/scout (who may or may not also be a caster, I can’t remember), and a very well read scholar/scribe (who will possibly become an Order caster). Bear in mind what I said above, and note that Black-bloods and moss-born Elves are open to be characters if you wish – as well as the normal race options previously available. Just try and make sure there is something for one of the other players to hang a few lines from.


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7 Responses to “Splintered”

  1. I had thought to make an moss born female elf assassin type character. I will call her Raina.

    I took bloodthirsty delusional and illiterate as hindrances. She is all about the kill, the more bloody the better. She likes to see the light fading from her targets eye, up close and personal. She has a voice in her head, she calls the horned man, that gives her advice and encourages her to bigger and greater kills. Your basic sycho, as you can see I have not got the crazy character out of my system yet.

    She wanders Carathan trying to stay ahead of the suspicion arising from the “missing” people wherever she stays. She hires as a sell sword, targets a mark or just lives off the land. Fates or perhaps the whispers of the horned man has brought her to Falcons Hollow.

    So is this what you are looking for?


  2. It is interesting but she has too much history. Want fresh characters, still wet behind the ears as befits their novice rank. They don’t have to be young, just inexperienced.

  3. And I would rather not have someone too bent on causing mayhem re: bloodthirsty and delusional. You could have the same skill set but perhaps she is on a cultural pilgrimage, looking for something of value to bring back to her clan, and she has wandered further than any mossborn has before.

  4. Ok, here is a thought. If I took the Heirloom edge would you give me a Daiclave?

  5. Are you still allowing the extra knowledge skills?

  6. These are replaced by Defining Interests and more appropriate use a the common knowledge rules.

  7. Didn’t get a chance to reply to your email. Your character as she stands is OK, although you are going to have to be careful with your hindrances. It is too easy for a couple of characters with incompatible major hindrances to completely derail or dominate a session.

    Also don’t forget the rules for minimum strength in the corebook. As it stands Raina’s daiklaive will do only 2d6 and not have Reach 1 or AP 1. Barcers, like shields, do not give a parry bonus when using a 2h weapon.

    Last note: the party starts as employees or hangers on to Engrit’s caravan, which is about to arrive in Falcon’s Hollow. This gives everyone’s character time to have developed connections with each other.

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