Savage Legends Revised Edition

SW_Fan_Small1Last week I sent out the final versions of the Savage Legends source book and the Savage Grimoire. There have been some big changes and a lot of new options. I personally feel that this is the best version so far but, of course, I am biased. I am aware that not every one is as happy with the changes as I am. We have had over a week to digest this, perhaps bitter, pill and I would like constructive feedback. If you think there is a problem with the game mechanics, now is the time to have your say: What is the issue? What makes it unbalanced, or unfair, or not fun? What is a viable alternative? Please bear in mind that, although I am open to criticism and alternatives, I do not want to make changes without testing. I anticipate that the current rules will stay as they are for a couple of weeks at least so that we can settle in and give things a good going over. Another thing to consider is that players are not privy to all of my, quite possibly evil, machinations. There will be surprises and stuff you haven’t seen before – stuff that might allay some concerns. No, I am not going to tell you about it.


~ by occam99 on April 28, 2015.

8 Responses to “Savage Legends Revised Edition”

  1. Once again, a lot of work for which we are very grateful. D

  2. I note in the Grimoire appendix a power called “Conceal (N)”, however no description of this power in either the body of the text or in the base Savage Worlds rules. What is your intention here?

  3. I would like to put a case for the re-inclusion of Elemental Manipulation as a power. However I would like to see it as an skill booster rather than a trick substitute. The caster would use the power to “buff” a character performing a skill, for each level of success the character gains a +1 to the skill roll.

    What are your thoughts?

  4. Detect/conceal. Some spheres can cast detect, some cast conceal.

  5. You can already do that with boost trait.

  6. Elemental Manipulation & Boost/Lower Trait

    You suggested my idea and Boost Trait were the same. However I don’t see it that way. Say you wanted to improve a Swimming roll. Swimming is a Agility based skill, however increasing Agility does not normally increase your ability to swim, it is still based upon the skill dice. Are you saying that Boost Trait also increases the skill level of any associated skill? The spell description does not explain this well…

  7. Boost/Lower Trait can be used for the Attribute or any Skill linked to the Attribute. So Boost Trait (Agility) could be used to boost Agility, or Swimming, or Fighting, etc – but only one Trait per cast. Besides – Tricks are based on Agility or Smarts Attribute, not an associated Skill.

  8. Sorry – I missed the part about Elemental Manipulation not being used for tricks.

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