Stealing from the best

Some twenty years ago I was lucky enough to see an early draft of HERO System rules for the world of Shaintar, by Sean Patrick Fannon. At the time I was blown away by how the tools of HERO had been used to arrive at a unique and flexible magic system.

So I stole it.

Adapting the system to my own world led to some of our more memorable moments – Jason’s spellweaver tunneling out of the goblin caves is just one.

So now that I want to reforge the Savage Legends setting, I have once again turned to Shaintar. The ways in which Sean has adapted Savage Worlds to his vision of epic high fantasy are truly inspiring, but do not appreciably detract from the simplicity and elegance of the core rules.

So I’m going to steal it again.

I picked up both of the Player’s Guides from DriveThruRPG (available as Pay What You Want PDF) and I will be using them as inspiration for the upcoming revision. I highly recommend picking them up.

Shaintar: Legends Arise covers play from Novice to Veteran.
Shaintar: Legends Unleashed covers Heroic and Legendary play.


~ by occam99 on January 22, 2015.

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