Ha! Didn’t see this coming, did you?

While you all have been exploring the Ninth World of Numenera and enjoying the new system, I have been hard at work brainstorming what I want to do with the Three Pillars. I have big things planned. Big, earthshattering, important things.

Which I will not tell you about.

With that in mind, I think I need to move Savage Legends closer to the core rules with regards to spell casting. I can hear the cries of, “Noooooo! Not more changes. What will become of my character now?”

Trust me, I hear you. Your pain is invigorating to me.

So what does this mean? It means I am thinking of reorganising the magic system to use Power Points. This will entail a rewrite of the Grimoire (although most of the spells will remain the same); a change to the current affinity system that requires a new spell for each affinity’s version (eg: bolt (Fire) and bolt (Earth) will be two separate spells); some new Edges or changes to existing ones; and a change the racial advantages of Elves and Dwarves.

Before I embark on this endeavor, let me know what you think. Do you support this move or not, and why?


~ by occam99 on January 21, 2015.

2 Responses to “Ambush!”

  1. oh… Why do I feel a big nurf gun pointing in my direction. Just because my character can do 4 times the amount of damage as anyone else. Why should I think that unfair… (big grin on face)

    So while I am having fun with the way my character works, I am aware other player are less happy. So I am happy to see some changes.

    More to the point. I would like to see all characters have better access to casting magic. Obviously some will be better than others, that is if you specialise you will have more magic and greater power points. However I would like to see even the specialised tank be able to heal a little or make his sword bust into flames… I see this more in line with the original feel to 3 pillars under Exalted where all pc’s where all magical in nature.


  2. @minmaxnz
    OK, you got me. Nerf hammer coming your way (for great justice!).

    No, not really. Experience is, slowly and painfully, teaching me that my rules hacks tend to unbalance things. The closer we are to the rules as-written, the more I can be sure of a well developed, well tested, and balanced game.

    As to having spell-casting more readily available, the rules set does not lend itself to that particularly well. Modifying the core to accommodate it would put us back at square one. However, as I said when you guys were making characters for the rule-set, I’m sure we can have minor magical effects incorporated into Edges, even if I have to find a few more to flesh out options like these.

    There is no reason that, for example, Leadership Edges can’t be described as the character invoking spirits of Order to rally the troops. Killer Instinct could be some sort of pain fueled Arcane magic or Chaos reshaping reality in the character’s favor. Fleet Footed could be a companion Air spirit that speeds a character’s pace. A totem weapon bursting into flames could be Trademark Weapon, or even just what happens when the player of the shaman scores a raise on a fighting roll.

    This way we maintain the flavour of the Exalted, while keeping a distinct play style for those who wish to invest in the Magical Background options.

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