Savage Legends: Clarifications

No new rules or tweaks today, just a clarification on a spell: Entangle.

I was correct about the roll to escape being unopposed. Further, the roll to cast is opposed by the target’s Agility.

The correct process is:

  • Cast spell, rolling Channel.
  • Target(s) roll Agility to resist spell.
  • Targets that fail by less than 4 have -2 to Strength & Agility linked skills (skills only, not the Attribute itself) and -2 Pace.
  • Targets that fail by 4 or more are fully restrained.
  • Targets may, as their action, roll Strength OR Agility to escape. This roll requires a 4 to succeed

Don’t forget that there is nothing preventing an affected target from taking multiple action penalties to act after they have broken out.

Example: A black blood beserk is partially restrained by the entangle spell. The storyteller declares that the beserk will attempt to break free, move 6″ and attack the caster. The roll to break free is at -2 (MAP). He rolls his Strength of d10 (+2 for being beserk, -2 for MAP), scoring a 6. He can now move his full pace and attack at -2 (MAP). If he had failed to escape, his Pace would only be 4 thus negating the attack even though he had already paid the MAP.

Any questions?


~ by occam99 on August 4, 2014.

One Response to “Savage Legends: Clarifications”

  1. Makes sense.


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