Savage Legends: Tweaks

Point The First

I have been giving some thought to a player suggestion that the racial casting bonuses for Elves and Dwarves change to +2 versus penalties, rather than a straight +2 bonus. I think there is serious merit to this idea, not only from a balance viewpoint but also for mechanical simplicity (one of my design principles), since it then has the same effect as the Natural Power Edge (and stacks with it).

I am going to let the current part of the chapter play out – a few more sessions – before deciding whether to make this change or not. There may be implications beyond how effective a character is at casting spells – can anyone else think of any?

Point The Second

Bolt, in earlier versions of Savage Worlds, allowed the character to combine the extra damage option with the multiple bolt option. This is how it is currently in Savage Legends (at Veteran, an adept may cast 3 2d8 bolts for a -1 casting penalty and a greater chance of rolling a 1 on the casting die).

This option has been removed in the current version of Savage Worlds – 1 bolt at 2d8 or up to 3 bolts at 2d6. We will be following suit. Since this does not affect any current character the change is effective immediately. Casters who wish to inflict higher damage on multiple targets will need to invest in burst, blast or prolonged blast.

Point The Third

Remind me when you feel you have effectively played your Hindrances. I’ll give you a Fate Token (benny). The Hindrance must, at the very least, have caused inconvenience to your character or the party to count.

Example: Being greedy and looting the bodies before helping injured comrades probably does not count, although that is playing your Hindrance. Jealously stealing the gold ring (the one that whispers to you about setting fire to the ship) and refusing to let anyone else look at it because it’s yours (your precioussss…) – that would probably get you a token.

I have a lot on my plate when I’m running a game and will often forget this kind of thing – so speak up.

No you don’t get to keep those from session to session.


~ by occam99 on July 30, 2014.

4 Responses to “Savage Legends: Tweaks”

  1. Hi,

    As a creation caster and probably most affected by points 1 & 2, I must say that I am happy with these changes. I think the +2 is too beneficial.

    Personally I would prefer to see the bonus drop to a straight +1
    bonus rather than a +2 versus penalties. This would bring it into line with other edges that grant a bonus (i.e. Trademark Weapon).

    As a trade off, since Elves and Dwarves are giving up something, would you consider giving Elves and Dwarves a bonus on their Vigor roll for backlash purposes? Even a +1 would make a difference…


  2. How about keeping it at +2 vs penalties and halving the Charisma penalty.

    The idea, for me, behind having the bonus apply vs penalties is two-fold. First it makes it easier to track what your bonuses apply to – there are already enough numbers flying around when it comes to spell casting without having to calculate which bonus applies to which part of the process.

    Second, it makes Creation Dwarves and Arcane Elves better at casting the harder, more powerful spells without overpowering them at lower levels.

    Compare a human fire mage with a dwarven fire mage. Assume both have Natural Power 1 and are casting a fire bolt with extra damage. Currently the human needs a 4 to hit, the dwarf needs a 2. When it applies against penalties both need to roll a 4. The dwarf, however, can be maintaining an extra two spells at the same time whereas the human can’t. And the dwarf will have a much easier time of it if he wants to cast a spell that is base -2 or -3 to cast before modifiers.

    As to adding a bonus to resist backlash – no. The idea isn’t to make them even better casters. Besides which, dwarves, at least, already have the option of starting with a higher than normal Vigor.

  3. Any bonus to casting (as opposed to offsetting penaties) is big – even a +1.
    I also like the feel better. Dwarves are no better at aiming a bolt they are less affected by negative factors around them due to thier affinity (etc for elves and other spells).

    Trademark weapon is for one weapon not all of them. There could be a new edge that does the same for a single spell.

    I do like the last suggestion though. It fits well with my logic above.

  4. Dang had the screen open for a while and did not see Occam’s reply

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