Savage Legends: Errata coming.

Some minor changes will take place before we start up the campaign in earnest, due to player feedback last week.


Elemental Form: Casting penalty increased to -2, bringing it into line with most other Veteran level spells. While the caster does retain their own Traits, Edges, etc, they do not have the ability to cast their own spells while in elemental form. Why? Mainly because it makes the spell rather more powerful than it should be, although a case can be made that a character in elemental form would not have the proper connection to his companion spirits and could not summon their aid (cast spells) until his normal form is restored.

Elemental Manipulation: When used to perform a Trick, the casting roll replaces the Agility or Smarts roll. It is subject to all appropriate casting penalties and will not benefit from Edges that enhance Agility or Smarts based rolls. Why? Making two rolls for an action that normally requires one is clunky. This gives the spell, which is basically a cantrip, some more utility


Sling: Increased range to match a bow, which is much closer to being historically accurate. Damage remains the same, although using lead bullets gives the sling AP 1. Bullets are generally only available in town size settlements or larger. Although this makes slings a much more viable choice for a ranged fighter, they are only culturally appropriate for Surayans or the natives of the Savage Coast.

Short Spear / Javelin: Research has given me a more appropriate set of range brackets of 5/10/15. The weapon, as written, represents a weighted spear that can be thrown at close range to disrupt an enemy formation before closing to melee range. The medium range bracket is more than the normal pace for an attacker, and the long range is more than running distance without an ace, so this allows for stand off skirmish tactics. While I am aware that longer ranges are possible using specialised javelins or spear-throwing devices, I do not intend to include them in the game.


That is it for now, but stay posted. Amended documents, where needed, will be up by the end of the week.


~ by occam99 on July 16, 2014.

6 Responses to “Savage Legends: Errata coming.”

  1. Sounds fair. Question about bennies. If you gain one (or more) from RP’ing hinderances or otherwise do they carry over. Can you save them up (like the cards) and use your 3 starting ones that get refresshed regularly or if you are up to four once you use one are you back to being level with everyone else?

    Basically is there blue and white bennies or just bennies.

  2. Just bennies. When/if you get them during play, use them. They don’t carry over, unless I specifically say they will – such as the night ending in the middle of an encounter.

  3. On Elemental manipulation. Does this mean any sphere (bar arcane) can use any of them i.e. Order can use Water, or are you restricted to just your own sphere or own affinity?

  4. You are restricted to affinities that are linked to your sphere, based on your initial affinity pick. So no, a Structure (Order) caster cannot cast a Water (Creation) Elemental Manipulation.

    And using a trapping that does not match your affinity attracts a -1 casting penalty e.g. a Water affinity adept using the spell to do a fire-based Trick.

  5. Okay – just gives Creation 4 possible effect/uses (5 with Nature if they start growing plants etc). As you know I’m not as creative but I cannot see anywhere as much use for the other spheres. We can discuss on Monday 🙂

  6. The examples are from the version that had affinities only for creation. I may write up some more for the others at a later date.

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