Grimoire Balance

I have found time to make a balance pass on the spell lists. Here is a new version of the Savage Grimoire (PDF)

Here are the details:


  • Changed: Entangle now has a fixed duration.
  • Changed: Banish to remove the limitations on what can be affected by each Sphere.


  • New spell: By Pain Reforged (Novice) that increases the character’s Wild Die as they become wounded.
  • New spell: Haze (Seasoned) that causes the terrain near the caster to become difficult.
  • Added: Deflection
  • Added: Fatigue
  • Added: Negate Arcana
  • Added: Banish
  • Added: Glyph


  • New Spell: Warp (Seasoned) that lowers the Toughness of inanimate objects, buildings or vehicles.
  • Changed: Boost/Lower Trait is now At Will for Chaos casters.
  • Changed: Precognition is now At Will.
  • Added: Prolonged Blast
  • Added: Becalm
  • Added: Luck/Jinx


  • Removed: Fatigue
  • Removed: Banish
  • Removed: Bladebreaker
  • Removed: Animate War Tree
  • Removed: Bridge
  • Removed: Glyph
  • Removed: Voice on the Wind


The Affinities are not all equal – some are more populated than others – and are likely to remain that way.

The breakdown of spells by Sphere is much closer to being equal:

  • Arcane has 37 spells. 14 At Will, 13 Encounter and 10 Daily (Up from 30, with a 14/9/7 split).
  • Chaos has 37 spells. 12 At Will, 15 Encounter and 10 Daily (Up from 32, with a 10/16/6 split).
  • Creation has 40 spells. 14 At Will, 12 Encounter and 14 Daily (Down from 47, with a 15/14/18 split)
  • Order has 37 spells. 13 At Will, 11 Encounter and 13 Daily (Unchanged).



~ by occam99 on July 10, 2014.

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