Savage Legends core update

SW_Fan_Small1I have uploaded a new version of the Savage Legends core. This includes the rules for languages and vocational skills. It also removes the ability for a character to select more than one Magical Background edge. A character may learn spells from any Affinity that their race allows. There is also no need to purchase two different Channel skills to be able to cast spells from two Spheres – one skill fits all. A character still only gets to choose a single Affinity, however.

There are a couple of minor tweaks as well. The Spell-sword Edge has been updated to include the spells aim and armour. The special maneuver granted by the Sword-master Edge now also grants immunity to free attacks for withdrawing from combat during the maneuver.

Savage Legends (PDF)


~ by occam99 on July 8, 2014.

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