Languages of the Three Pillars

Language Skills

First up is a breakdown of what the skill levels in a language represent:

  • d4 – Basic. Sufficient to convey basic ideas. Cannot read or write the language. (-2 Charisma may apply)
  • d6 – Adequate. Sufficient to communicate somewhat complex ideas. Reading and writing permitted. Speaker most likely has a heavy accent. (-1 Charisma may apply)
  • d8 – Fluent. Normal conversational level for a native speaker although regional accents persist.
  • d10 – Expert. Can grasp even the most complex nuances of speech and literature. Character no longer has a detectable accent. (+1 Charisma may apply)
  • d12 – Master. No facet of the language escapes the character and they may mimic regional accents. (+2 Charisma may apply)

Languages of the Known World

Non-human languages:

  • Elvish – the common language spoken by the survivors of the Sundering. A debased form of High Elven.
  • High Elvish – the ancient trading tongue of the Elves prior to the Sundering. Spoken by the Seekers of the Enclaves and Wilders who hold to the old ways.
  • Feral Elvish – a debased form of Cartesian. Spoken by the wild Elves of the East March.
  • Dwarvish – language of the Dwarves of Refuge.
  • Qurish – the language spoken by the Darkened Qur.Known only to a few Dwarven scholars and Shapers.
  • Graven – the language of the Black Bloods, although it is far from certain that this is the only language they use. At least a dozen different dialects have been identified, but they all seem to share a root with Graven.

Languages of Men

  • Carathan – the common language of the Empire. One of the Trade Tounges, the other being A’mai.
  • Ritual Carathan – a variation of High Carathan. Used by the Congregation of the Saints for religious services and liturgical writing.
  • A’mai – the language of the A’mai and one of the Trade Tongues. Most commonly spoken language among the Surayans. Once also the language of the Sha’tai.
  • Temple – the language of the Orrenai of Suraya. Also used by the Swordmasters.
  • Desert – language spoken by the Bedine, J’alin and Fe’din tribes of Suraya.
  • Salmadi – spoken in the Salmadi Khanate and the Satrapy of Madith, in Suraya.
  • Callous – a heavily debased form of High Carathan that serves as a common tongue in the Chaos Wastes.
  • Slave Tongue– a polyglot dialect of Carathan and A’mai used on the Savage Coast. Not a true language in its own right.
  • Chacho– a minor language spoken by the native tribesmen in the southern regions of the Savage Coast, most notably around the Ghost River delta.

Dead Languages

These languages are no longer spoken in the known world, although they can be found in ancient texts.

  • High Carathan – language of the Men that would later become the Empire. Used extensively through the pre-Imperial period but declined during the Golden Age.
  • Amerish – spoken by the Ameri tribes of Suraya. Died with them.
  • Candish – Pre-Sundering elven language of the Candolar elves. They lived in the lands that are now Suraya but largely vanished during the Sundering. Also spoken by the slave-races that would become the tribes of Suraya.
  • Cartesian – Pre-Sundering elven language of the Cartisan elves. They lived the great forests of the present East March.
  • Imperial Elvish – Pre-Sundering langauge of the elves of the Over-Empire. Also spoken by the slave kingdoms of Men prior to the Sundering.
  • Assimilated Dialects – there are several dozen different languages once spoken by the tribes of Men assimilated during Imperial expansion. None are in current usage but may be of interest to historians or archaeologists. Important examples are the dialects of the Ash People, the Meero, the Firtis, the Aronites and Berenites, the Conclave of Serpents, and the various tribes of the Savage March.




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2 Responses to “Languages of the Three Pillars”

  1. Does this mean that Linguist may be back in as a edge option? I count 20 languages there plus the assimilated dialects.
    If so dots = to Smarts or would you get # of Languages = to Smarts at D6 or ???

  2. See today’s post for clarification.

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