Vocational Skills

I am prepared to make a small concession to the amount of skill points that character receive in Savage Legends.

At each Rank (Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, Legendary and each 5 advances thereafter), a character receives their Smarts die type in points that may be used to purchase or improve Languages or Lore (Knowledge) Skills. These points may not be used to improve a Skill beyond their Smarts die. The points may be used at any time, within reason, representing sudden insight or knowledge that the character has had no previous reason to display.

Example: Elsammor, the Whisper in the Wind, has a Smarts die of d8. At Novice, she receives three points to spend on Lore or Languages.  She uses her first three points to purchase d4 in Language: Dwarf, and d6 in Lore: Elven History. At Seasoned, she receives another three points. Elasammor immediately raises Lore: Elven History to a d8, but would have to spend an Advance to raise it past that point. Elsammor saves the other two points. Sometime later she encounters a tome written in an ancient language of Men. She uses her two saved points on Language: High Carathan d6 (rationalising that she had studied it during her childhood) and can now attempt to extract the tome’s secrets.

Thoughts? Is it too much, too little, or just right?


~ by occam99 on June 20, 2014.

5 Responses to “Vocational Skills”

  1. Like the idea, obviously as I have been pushing for more skill points during character creation.

    Just a quick question, how do you get from a Smarts die of d8 to 3 skill points? Normal Savage Worlds rules would equate a d8 to 8 points. A half die value is used extensively (i.e. parry calc), this would equate to 4 points. Are you thinking that a d8 is the third die (i.e. d4, d6 then d8)? I don’t think this is used anywhere else in Savage Worlds…


  2. I like it – knowledges is one area that I just could not afford to spend points but really does fit my back ground and i had spent points in previous systems. I point per step sounds just. Otherwise just 2 points with a bonus 1 if you have smarts of d10 or greater.

  3. The following is extracted from the Savage Worlds rule book:

    Multiple Languages
    Some settings feature characters and cultures who typically
    speak many different languages. If this Setting Rule is in play,
    your hero knows his cultural or national language plus an
    additional number of languages equal to half his Smarts die.
    An elf with a d8 Smarts in a swords & sorcery campaign, for
    example, knows Elvish and four other languages—perhaps
    human, dwarven, and two others of her choosing.

    Does this apply in the 3 Pillars setting? Are the additional languages at a reduced skill level (say half?)? Would this apply only to common languages, not obscure/ancient ones?


  4. Just seeking some clarification of the language rules in your setting.

    1. A new character would know their base language (e.g. Elvish) at a level equal to d8 or their smarts dice?

    2. For non Carathans, they will speak Carathan at d4, d6, d8, their smarts die, their smarts die -1, half their smarts die?

    3. All other language ability needs to be bought with knowledge or skill points?


  5. Official Ruling: New characters begin with d8 in their native language, and a d4 in a trade tongue (A’mai or Carathan).

    For Imperial humans this means that they will have Carathan or A’mai at d8 and the other at d4. Surayan humans will speak their tribal language at d8 and have a choice of A’mai or Carathan at d4.

    Note: Characters have more than one language because they are special. Ordinary people will probably only speak their native tongue.

    All other languages or improvements must be purchased with skill points, advances or vocational points.

    As soon as I get a chance I will make a post with what the levels entail and compile a list of languages.

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