Files Updated

I have now uploaded the latest versions of all the documents relevant to the Savage Worlds conversion. They can be found on the Meta: Files page or here:

Savage Legends (PDF) – core book.

Savage Legends Appendices (PDF) – currently consists of the weapons & armour lists.

Savage Grimoire (PDF) – spell lists and descriptions.

I also corrected an issue with the layout of the Grimoire that i posted yesterday.



~ by occam99 on June 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “Files Updated”

  1. Looks great so far. I have one balancing concern. In savage worlds when you select a magical background you are limited to that background. In Legend of the three pillars you can select the magical background edge several times adding 3 powers each time. I suggest you have the first magical background allowing 3 powers then each other background only 1 power.

  2. Well, at most you could select it twice and only if the character is human: once for one (only) of the Pillars and once again for Arcane. So, yes, a human character could get 6 spells for two edges but they are spending an edge to do so that could have been spent on something else.

    In effect they are sacrificing power (i.e an edge that makes them a better caster) for versatility. They still only get 1 new spell per edge after that – not 1 new spell per Magical Background.

    There is also no mechanic that would allow a character to select the same Magical Background over and over to get a new complement of 3 spells.

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