Wednesday : Savage Developments

Petor’s stomach clenched. Shredded flesh and shattered bone lay all about the forest clearing. Where there had once been a hand of proud and strong legionaries, there was now only entrails strung between trees, and streams of blood snaking around dead leaves, mushrooms and twisted scraps of armor.

Spear Sergeant Bornin, spitting sour-leaf juice into the carpet of leaves, surveyed the bloody scene with his usual grim expression. He was a lifer, Petor had heard, a man with no family apart from the army, and not much ever seemd to rattle him. Thumping his shield to get the attention of his dumbstruck troops, Bornin spoke.

“Petor. Run back to Ban Cullough. Tell them to send for the Immaculate Sisters.”

Wednesday posts will be about development of the campaign and rules systems. This week I would like to delve into the one-shot Savage Worlds story to be run at the conclusion of the current chapter.

The story will revisit the exploits of Sister Magret of the First Tower and her bodyguards from the 11th Legion as they attempt to unravel a potential heresy in the forest realm of the East March. We first met Sisters Magret, Eris and Julyn, along with Spear Sergeant Edred, back in May of 2012 (“Crushing the Aronites“) where we used them to try the Exalted 2e combat rules for the first time. I think it is fitting that we use them to try out the Savage Worlds rules.

Having said that, I am not against the idea of the party coming up with characters of their own. I will pre-generate the three Immaculate Sisters, Spear Sergeant Edred, and a couple of the other members of Magret’s bodyguard. I would prefer that any player made characters fit into that group – investigators, trackers, warriors, and Order casters are all suitable archetypes. If someone wants to step outside of these recommendations, I would prefer to know about it in advance so that the story can be altered to suit.

Use the Savage Legends rules that have been uploaded already and add 6 advances (30xp).\

Also keep an eye out in the next few days for an updated version that will have the sections on gear.


~ by occam99 on May 6, 2014.

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