Savage Legends

I know there are a couple of you who want to hack into the proposed conversion to Savage Worlds and see what you can break. Here you go:

Savage Legends (PDF)

Does not yet have the required Lore skills for Chaos spells. Note also the change to Creation – the casting penalty for having multiple elements is no longer removed when the caster has all four.

Credit for a lot of the extra stuff here goes to the excellent Hellfrost supplement by Triple Ace Games.



~ by occam99 on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Savage Legends”

  1. Any chance of adding character sheets and your list of which pillars can have each spell type as well rather than reading through each in turn. Finally I did not see how much xp we start with since you said we start with enough to be seasoned.

  2. If you have the PDF of the Savage Worlds core rulebook, the character sheets from that will do.

    30XP, I think – 6 advances. I’ll upload a copy of the spell reference tomorrow.

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