The Price of Magic

One of the design goals of the current overhaul is to have some system in place to represent the consequences of using magic – the price of failure. In May I proposed a mechanic whereby a character takes  Arcane damage on a catastrophic result when using magic. While this is simple, it is a brute force approach and not particularly satisfying to me. Now, though, I have a new mechanic that I can hook magical failure on to.

When a character is using a Feat of Arcane, Chaos, Creation or Order and they experience a catastrophic result on their roll they gain a point of Limit.

  • Arcane: Add Limit to whichever rating is currently highest. In a tie, use this order: Temperance, Conviction, Courage.
  • Chaos: Add Limit to Temperance.
  • Creation: Add Limit to Courage.
  • Order: Add Limit to Conviction.

If this places a character into Limit Break then they immediately suffer 3 levels of unsoakable Aggravated damage and gain a Virtue Flaw related to the Sphere.

  • Arcane Flaws may involve blood-lust, pre-Sundering flashbacks, or experiencing every emotion in a far stronger fashion than normal.
  • Chaos Flaws may involve the adoption of strange physical traits, mental instability, or even demonic possession.
  • Creation Flaws may involve the adoption of strange physical traits, beserker rage, or insatiable physical desires.
  • Order Flaws may involve compulsive obsession with details, an inability to formulate new ideas, or some kind of mental or physical stasis.

I will be posting more about Virtue Flaws soon, including how to remove them.


~ by occam99 on August 12, 2013.

One Response to “The Price of Magic”

  1. I like this idea. The whole idea of power corrupting the people who weild it…


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