The rules from EX2, page 150:

“Some defenders have artefacts, Charms or other magic granting them access to counterattacks.  A counterattack is resolved at this stage as if it were a normal attack launched by the victim against the aggressor.  A counterattack hits simultaneously with the attack that triggered it and follows the usual steps 1-8 of the attack-resolution process.  However, characters may not use one counterattack to retaliate against another counterattack.”

Just to clarify how this would work in practice:

  1. By following the usual steps 1-8, I presume the counter-attacker get to add to their dice pool using appropriate feats?  If the counter-attacker had already boosted melee to improve their DV against the initial attack, I presume this would not also count as a bonus for the counter attack dice pool?  I think this is a situation where the maximum HR expended per tick would come into play.
  2. I presume the same rule would apply to the initial attacker.  Any boost to their initial attack would not then assist with the defence against the counter attack?
  3. What happens to the initial attackers DV?  Do they have to take into account any DV penalties incurred from the initial attack when calculating their DV against the counter attack?
  4. Does the counter attack incur its own DV penalty?  If they do then I presume this would count against only subsequent attacks, however would it apply to subsequent attacks in the same tick?

~ by minmaxnz on August 9, 2013.

One Response to “COUNTERATTACKS”

  1. 1. Yes and No. Both attacker and defender can use appropriate Feats. Increasing your DV with Melee Mastery – for example – does not also increase your attack pool. These are two different activations, although you could mix and match where the extra dice go from one activation. Yes, max HR will definitely come into play.

    2. As above,

    3. No, the penalty to DV for attacking happens at the end of action resolution.

    4. Counter attacking imposes a cumulative -1 DV penalty, as stated in the rulebook.

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