Feats 2.0: Update #15

Whew – 60% of the Sphere of Order is done. Groups of Stasis and Purpose still to do, but I have uploaded a PDF of what I have so far. Find it here or in the usual place.


~ by occam99 on August 1, 2013.

7 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #15”

  1. Blessing of Steel

    The “Solar” armors herself?

  2. Cut & Paste typo. Thanks.

  3. Oblivion Swarm

    Just some thoughts:
    1. I presume range is equal to (Channel x 10m), as it does not say.

    2. I am wondering if damge should be Destiny +3, to put it on a simular footing to Oblivion Bolt above it. I looked at spending 6HR on Oblivion Bolt vs spending 6HR on Oblivion Swarm and thought the end result should at least be simular.


  4. Lakiri’s Lament

    Are you able to affect multiple targets with this feat?

  5. Not sure I see the issue with Oblivion Swarm…

    Lakiri’s Lament as written was intended to target a single indivudual. Rereading it however, I think it is underpowered and I amgoing to revise it.

  6. I think Oblivion Swarm is a bit under powered in comparison with Oblivion Bolt. If you spend 6HR on Oblivion Bolt you get a speed 5 action, -2 DV, 2 bolts doing Destiny + 3L. Spend 6HR on Oblivion Swarm you get a speed 5 action, -2 DV, 2 bolts doing only Destiny in L damage. I know that you can go on to spend more on Oblivion Swarm and get more bolts, however I had thought the two feats should be at least on a par at the 6HR level. Considering Oblivion Swarm is a higher level feat…

  7. The point of Oblivion Swarm is that you can spend more HR to do more damage than you can with Oblivion Bolt at a lower DV penalty. If you fire 5 bolts with Oblivion Swarm, you are still at only -2 DV.

    Oblivion Bolt is the bread & butter attack – Oblivion Swarm is a for specialised circumstances, as per the design brief of the revision.

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