Friday Update: Sharp, pointy things.

I have been updating the panoply sections with what I see as a balanced version of the arms and armour we use for LoTP. You can find my file here or on the Meta: Files page. Where necessary I have included all previous incarnations of each item, for the sake of reference. Thanks to minmaxnz for his work on this also.

How did I arrive at the numbers for the weapons? I took the Short Sword and the Spear as a baseline, since these are the most common weapons found in our imagined world. A warrior equipped with one of these should have little or no extra ability merely by virtue of using one. I then balanced outwards. Does this weapon confer more defense than a short sword or spear? Is a warrior with this weapon more or less accurate than a warrior with a short sword or spear? And so on.


~ by occam99 on July 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Friday Update: Sharp, pointy things.”

  1. Looking good. I feel that the slashing sword may be a bit overpowered…

    I think you should look to reduce its accuracy and defence to 0 (from +1). I thinkwhile it will be faster than the shortsword (hence speed 4 and rate 3) it is not inherintly more accurate or a better defensive weapon…


  2. I’m not sure I agree – a slashing sword, such as a scimitar or sabre, has a greater reach and range of motion than a short sword, thus the advantage of accuracy and defense (similar to a straight sword).

    Reducing the rate may bring it into line – what exactly is it that makes you think it is overpowered?

  3. There is a significant difference in the effectiveness between a speed 4 and 5 weapon. We saw this in play in version 1.0. Add to this the +1 accuracy, +1 defence and rate of 3 you reach the conculsion that the current slashing sword is overpowered. I did a simple mathmatical example and worked out:
    1. A drop in speed from 5 to 4 increases a weapons damage output over time by 25%;
    2. An increase in accuracy from 0 to 1 increases a weapons damage output over time by 8%;
    3. An increase in damage from 3 to 4 increases a weapons damage output over time by 21%; and
    4. A rate 3 weapon, over rate 2, increases a weapons damage output over time by 28%.

    This makes the slashing sword 74% better than a shortsword! A dagger is 54% better. A straight sword 29% better and a chopping sword only 21% better. While my maths will alter for different circumstance the advantage to the slashing sword still stands…

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