Feats 2.0: Update #13

I have nearly completed the Sphere of Chaos (one group left to do) but it has been a while since I posted, so here is what I have. I would like readers to pay special attention to the Ways of Summoning section, for two reasons.

1) Is it a cool mechanic? I rather think it is. I do not want to sacrifice balance to achieve this however, so I’d like some thoughts on this.

2) Does it fit? I’ll admit that I have nearly yanked it in favor of something else (several times) and this should be telling me something. But here it is – see what you think. Before anyone asks, there is almost zero chance that Creation or Order will see a similar group of Feats.

In any case, this particular group is a trial. I reserve the decision to erase all trace of its existence from the world – even after play has started – if I do not feel it is performing properly.

I have also updated the Feats 2.0 document to reflect changes and new information.

Both documents may be found in the Meta: Files page, as normal.


~ by occam99 on July 4, 2013.

11 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #13”

  1. I presume attack is against dodge DV?

    Curse of Immolation
    Cost: 2 HR, 1 WP Requires: Channel 4, Destiny 4
    Duration: Instant Type: Simple
    Keywords: Chaos, Combo, Obvious
    Prerequisite Feats: Circle of Fell Fire
    With a gesture, the Chaos Adept brings forth a screaming
    pillar of fire to consume an enemy up to (Channel x 10m)
    away. Roll (Charisma + Channel) as an attack that has a
    base damage of Destiny + 1L per 2 HR. The target continues
    to burn for 1L unsoakable damage on the caster’s
    subsequent actions until the victim spends a point of
    Willpower and an action to douse themselves. Every time
    Curse of Immolation deals damage, the caster regains 1 HR.

  2. Curse of Immolation – correct, attacks against Dodge DV.

  3. No success roll required?

    Corrupt the Mundane
    Cost: 2 HR Requires: Channel 2, Destiny 2
    Duration: Instant Type: Simple
    Keywords: Chaos, Combo, Obvious
    Prerequisite Feats: Any Channel Mastery
    By summoning a simple demon, the caster is able to hasten
    the natural decay of mundane items. This Feat allows the
    hero to affect a single non-magical item, weighing no more
    than their Destiny in kilograms, as if it had aged several
    hundred years. Natural products like food or leather will be
    decompose to dust, metal will tarnish and corrode, stone
    will weather and crack. The range on this Feat is (Channel x
    5m). The target object must be an inanimate object and not
    held or carried by a living creature – the chair in use by a
    belligerent mercenary is a valid target but his armour or
    weapons are not.
    An adept with Destiny 4+ may double the weight for an
    additional 1 HR, and a Destiny of 6+ doubles it again for
    another 1 HR.

  4. Will you be posting your thoughts on how you will be calculating SDV and MDV?

  5. Corrupt the Mundane – no roll required. Compare Ignite (Creation, Path of Fire).

    Social & Mental DV are covered in the post “On the Tightrope”, May 31st.

    “We will be making use of Mental DV( (Temp Willpower + Integrity)/2) and Social DV (([Wits or Manipulation or Charisma] + Ability)/2). Mental DV is the equivalent of a dodge or a static refusal to engage. Social DV is the equivalent of a parry and the defender must have the ability to respond to the attack in a meaningful way.”

  6. Ways of Summoning

    I like it. I don’t think it is overpowered. I can see some cool PC/NPC specialising in these feats…


  7. Circle of Fell Fire

    A flickering miasma of Chaos spirits dances at the caster’s feet. Any time the caster is struck in close combat they may spend HR to inflict damage upon their attacker, equal 1L per 2 HR. This damage can only be soaked with natural soak.

    I think this needs to be scaled back a bit. Two options:

    1. Treat it as a counter attack. Roll Wits + Channel against attackers Dodge DV. Successes add to potential damage pool. Add 1L potential damage per 2HR spent to a maximum L damage of Destiny +1. Take off “natural soak” and roll damage.

    2. Treat it as a pre-emptive attack. Before an attacker can engage, defender gets to roll Wits + Channel against attackers Parry/Dodge DV. Successes add to potential damage pool. Add 1L potential damage per 2HR spent to a maximum L damage of Destiny +1. Take off “natural soak” and roll damage. Any combat results (i.e. damage negatives, stun etc.) are applied before attacker rolls attack.

  8. Wall of Fell Fire

    …any being passing through it takes 1L unsoakable damage per 2 HR the caster spent.

    I think this should be potential L damage, requiring a roll to determine actual damage…

  9. Wall of Fell Fire: Yes, it is potential damage.

    Circle of Fell Fire: I don’t think that this is overpowered. Consider a Destiny 3 caster. She can spend 15 HR per tick maximum, making 7 potential damage to an attacker. Reduce by a character’s natural lethal soak – say 2 for a Stamina 4 heroic attacker – leaving 5 dice. Average successes will be 2, for 14 HR.

    This becomes better against extras, but that is to be expected.

  10. I think that the big area of misunderstanding is that where a feat describes damage it should be read as potential damage, unless it states otherwise. I think this is where both G and I have come unstuck…


  11. I have tried to stick to the Exalted conventions: 7L Damage is 7 DICE of damage less soak. 7L Health Levels is 7 ABSOLUTE damage, less soak. Hope that makes sense.

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