Updated Character Generation

As the title states: I have updated the Character Generation 2.0 document (here) to reflect the balance changes I wrote about earlier. There is a new Background Trait from the Exalted rules (Familiar, allowing for loyal pets and animal companions), and I have added two new appendices – experience costs for development, and an expanded treatment on recovery from illness and injury.



~ by occam99 on June 13, 2013.

6 Responses to “Updated Character Generation”

  1. Specialty

    You can by these with Freebie points at 2 per dot (1 per dot for Favoured Abilities).

    However with experience a new Specialty costs 3 exp. No mention of the cost of the second dot or any discount for Favoured Abilities?

  2. Not time to give a proper explanation, but basically 3 xp per dot in specialties. No discount for favored abilities once character generation is over.

  3. At the end of the last campaign you said that the characters would have an opportunity to raise there Destiny from 3 to 4. Will this be a freebie or will we need to pay the experience costs (i.e. 8 x current level, or 24 points)? As most of the characters won’t have a spare 24 points of experience. I presume the opportunity will carry forward until they can accumulate the required total…

  4. Point iv Advantages lists:

    Backgrounds: Allies, Backing, Influence, Network, Retainers, Saga, Wealth

    No Resilience Background?

  5. Destiny – it will not be a freebie. What it means is that the character is eligible to raise their Destiny to 4. They do not lose the opportunity if they do not do so at the beginning of the next campaign. This only applies to those characters that carry over. Anyone making a new character will have the same experience to spend on a character, but will be limited to buying destiny to 3.

    Backgrounds – should read: Allies, Backing, Familiar, Influence, Network, Resilience, Retainers, Saga, Wealth.

  6. You’ll all have 40 experience points to spend on your characters, by the way.

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