Back on the Tightrope

I had hoped to have the Sphere of Creation finished by now but it is taking a bit longer than the others. Instead we have a change to character creation, and a clarification on movement.

  • Specialties: A given specialty may now only add up to +2 (down from +3). A character may still have up to 3 specialties per Ability.
  • Specialties: During character creation a specialty now costs 2 points (up from 1), or 1 point for a favored Ability (up from 2 for 1pt)

This has been discussed at length in our group. The extra cost during character creation will, I hope, offset the ‘free dice’ mentality I can feel whenever we discuss them. Remember that specialties count against the (Attribute + Ability) limit for adding to a dice pool, which is different from normal Exalted rules.

  • Movement: A character may make a reflexive Move action on every tick, up to their (Dexterity – Mobility – Wound penalties) in meters. This does not count as an action and does not refresh DV.
  • Movement: When a character makes a Dash action, they cannot use their Parry DV until their DV refreshes, and have a further -2 DV to Dodge or other applicable defensive scores.
  • Movement: A Dash action lasts 3 ticks and the move allowance is given as per tick. This allows a character to make a move of (Dexterity + 6 – Mobility – Wound penalties) immediately, then again on the next tick, and again on the next tick. Remember that a Dash is sprinting at full speed, with little time for niceties or being perceptive.
  • Movement: A character may not combine a Move and Dash in the same tick, but they can include a Dash as part of a Flurry.

These movement rules are from the Exalted rulebook, with clarifications from the wiki, and are different from how we have been handling movement in our games.

Lastly I present a link to an extended combat example from the Exalted knowledge base. This has been particularly helpful as it introduces concepts in chunks, with a running example that shows the workings. Not everything in here will match how combat in LotP works (especially with regards to Feats) but it has clarified a great deal of things. Be warned that it is quite lengthy, but I highly recommend it to all my players.


~ by occam99 on June 7, 2013.

13 Responses to “Back on the Tightrope”

  1. Knockdown

    Are we going to start doing this?

    If you suffer more raw (pre-soak) damage than your Stamina + Resistance, you will suffer Knockdown – being knocked prone – unless you succeed on a reflexive {Dexterity or Stamina} + {Athletics or Resistance} roll of difficulty 2 (that is, requiring 2 or more successes to succeed). Being prone incurs penalties to most actions and DV, and it requires a Rising From Prone action to get up. Knockdown is applied at the end of the attack action.

  2. Stun

    What about this?

    A character who suffers more health levels of damage in a blow than their Stamina may be stunned. The character makes a reflexive Stamina + Resistance roll at a difficulty of (damage – Stamina). Failure levies a 2 dice penalty on all non-reflexive actions until the tick when the attacker next acts.

  3. Bleeding

    …and this?

    Any character who has taken lethal or aggravated injuries will bleed. A bleeding character will suffer an unsoakable lethal health level of damage every (Stamina) in minutes. Peony has a Stamina of 2, and hence will lose a health level every 2 minutes. Stopping bleeding requires a Wits + Medicine action for each wound, at a difficulty of the number of health levels inflicted in the wound. So to stop Peony bleeding, three separate Wits + Medicine actions – at difficulty 1, 2 and 3 respectively since she took 1L, 2L and 3L damage from Jamal’s three attacks – are required. Peony herself has no Medicine. If Jamal does not finish her off, or if expert medical attention does not soon arrive, she will bleed to death.

  4. Stunt rewards?

    Stunts always reward the character with motes of essence or willpower, in this case with a 2 die stunt Mukhtar could recover 4 motes of essence or 1 willpower. He recovers this essence when his DV refreshes.

  5. Her total accuracy pool is thus Dex 4 + Archery 5 + Specialties 3 + Accuracy 2 + Stunt 1 + Charm 4 – multiple actions 4 = 15. She rolls 9 successes. The soldiers are using their Parry DV of 3 (their dodge DV is so bad that they’ve little choice), so she hits for six net successes.

    In this example the soldiers are using their Parry DV against a missle attack. Is this allowed in E2? Will you allow this in LotP?

  6. Bonus to dodge DV…

    …anyone with a permanent Essence of 2 or higher adds their permanent Essence in “dice” to their Dodge DV calculation.

    Would you consider adding Destiny?

  7. Let’s see:
    Knockdown – yes, I’d like to try using it.
    Stun – yes, I’d like to try using it.
    Bleeding – don’t see the point.

    Stunt rewards – I’m thinking about it.

    Parry DV v. Missiles: Remember that in 2.5 a shield is a weapon, thus you “parry” missiles with it. We treat it as mobile cover, thus the contribution to your dodge DV. Secondly, no.

    Adding Destiny to DV – No. However – I’m toying with a couple of ideas in this regard, so stay posted.

  8. Generally Stunts are expected and the ST should hand out bonus dice for anything above ‘I attack him with my bow.’

    Something we should all keep in mind…

  9. The Coordinating Attack miscellaneous action (Speed 5/DV -0). This action lets him coordinate the attacks of a group of individuals, so that they are all launched at the same moment. This causes severe penalties to the DV of the attacked individual, but the attacks must be launched on the tick on which the commanding character next acts. The acting character chooses the group he wants to unite in this fashion (including himself if desired), and rolls Charisma + War at a difficulty of half the number of characters in the group, rounded down.

    Will this action be available in LotP?

  10. Shields and cover work differently. If Hasim had a shield, he would be using it to generate his Parry DV.

    Do we need to look at this again? They must of had a reason for amending this between editions.

    So if shields added to DV, they would act outside the 2 times attribute, ability and speciality limit? So if your attribute, ability & speciality equalled 12 (+6DV), then you could add 4 (+2DV) for a shield, perhaps 2 (+1DV) for a weapon and another 6 (+3DV) from feats…

    Your thoughts? I wonder if the move away from shields being cover is for the situations where a character has a shield and is behind cover (e.g. on castle battlements).

  11. Extra on Coordinated Attacks…

    When attacked by a Coordinated Attack, the target suffers a DV penalty equal to the number of successes rolled on the Coordinate Attack roll, with a maximum of the number of attackers.

  12. Doing minimum damage has been known in fan forums as a “ping” since First Edition, and “ping spamming” is the traditionally effective tactic of launching many cheap attacks to ping as often as possible. Prior to 2.5 the minimum damage was your character’s essence, now its based on the weapon which has a minimum damage of one.

    Back to the way we play it…

  13. In order:

    Coordinating attacks: I steered away from it previously as being annoying, but I’m prepared to revisit. I would add a provision that the coordinated action must include at least 3 attackers to qualify. This may also necessitate a rewrite of the Feat Command:Volley! from the Sphere of Battle.

    Shields: I think we’re getting a little bit confused here.

    #1, Specialties in LotP count as added dice – they do not increase the limit.
    #2 In normal Exalted, equipment does not count against the Attribute + Ability limit,but I made the decision back at the start of this revision to count from ALL sources. So, yes, a shield with a +2 DV would count as 4 added dice.
    #3 You can’t combine the defensive bonuses of a shield and a weapon. You would have to choose whichever was best – almost always going to be a shield, since the only weapon that added +2 defense was a staff that needs two hands…
    #4 Not sure why they made the move away. I suspect that it was to make equipment more interesting and dynamic, more than anything realism related. On a side-note I don’t see that a shield would be much use behind the merlon of a castle wall.

    In any case, the DV cannot be raised past 7 without the use of Feats. This cap was put in place, of course, under the assumption that we would continue to use shields as mobile cover. The new stats for them would result in wasted DV under this cap.

    In your specific example: Dex + Melee of 10 (5), +2 specialty (1), + shield (2) would result in a wasted point of DV. If you used a tower shield (+2.5 DV), you’d waste 2 points of DV.

    As to the added dice part of the question – that set up would allow an extra 4 dice (or two static DV).

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