Spheres of Opposition

TRIKETAIn the Feats 2.0 descriptions I have been writing, I have been explicitly stating which Pillar Feats do aggravated damage to subjects of their “opposing” Pillar. I’m going to stop doing that – because it is tedious to continually remember to do so, and takes up time and space. Instead I will be explicitly stating when these Feats do not inflict aggravated damage, and assume the following applies:

  • Chaos opposes Order: Damage from Chaos sources is considered Aggravated against Order spirits, or beings invested by Order spirits. Such creatures include Ancestors, Saints, many types of Undead, and Order ghouls or ghasts.
  • Order opposes Creation: As above. Creatures of Creation include Dragons, Elementals, Primals, and ghouls or ghasts of Creation.
  • Creation opposes Chaos: Again, as above. Examples of Chaos creatures are demons, the possessed, certain rare types of Undead, and Chaos ghouls or ghasts.

Aggravated damage follows all the normal rules for such – can only be soaked with armor, etc – and comes in the two flavors we use in LoTP (Lethal and Bashing).


~ by occam99 on June 5, 2013.

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