On the Tightrope

After a couple of conversations with my players, and more than a few hours of thinking about it, I have some thoughts on issues of balance and ‘feel’. I present them here, in no particular order of importance:

  • Armor: Mobility penalties from Armor will now apply to both Dodge and Parry DV (except for shields). Mobility penalty (including shields) applies to all Dexterity based actions outside of attacks.
  • Armor: Armor will have a Stamina minimum. A soak penalty of -1/dot under the minimum applies, but there is no extra penalty to DV or Mobility.
  • Armor: We will be using the Fatigue mechanic from the Exalted rulebook. It is extra book-keeping but should help balance out the benefits that heavier armor provides. Being under the Stamina minimum makes the Fatigue check harder.

These changes came about from a comment by The W. He noted that there really was no incentive for him to not wear the heaviest armor he could get his hands on – who cares if he had a mobility penalty: It did not affect his Parry or his spell casting, and the soak value more than made up for it. Realistically, wearing heavy armor for extended periods or in the heat of battle requires conditioning and training – something I’d like to represent in our game. Also, applying Mobility penalties to Parry will help keep those numbers down.

  • Heroic Reserves: Start at (Virtues x 2) + (Willpower x 2) + (Destiny x 7). This is lower by 3 / Destiny than in the current Character Generation 2.0 document.

This from a comment I made at the start of our wrap-up session about 3 weeks ago, responded to by B. Should we be expecting characters to be churning out heroic feats every time they act, or should they be something special that is used when the going gets tough? Reducing the amount of HR that characters have to throw around may help to reduce their use to those times they are really needed. And, as B said, it is easier to balance upwards again than to start high and nerf it later.

  • Channel: When a character has a catastrophic result using the Channel ability, they suffer 1 level of Arcane damage per extra failure. This represents the cost of interacting with the spirit world.

I have written here, on a couple of occasions, that magic is dark and scary. It should have consequences for failure over and above the mundane. This was backed up by C especially when we were discussing these upcoming changes. Ideally I’d like this to be expanded to a better system – some kind of spectacular failure chart perhaps – but I think that might just add further complexity.

  • Defensive Values: DV may never go above 7 without the use of Feats or magic. Period. This is the resting value – what it would be if the character was not attacking or taking some other action to lower their DV. Thus you can’t stack bonuses or specialties to 8 and then attack – lowering it to 7. It would cap at 7 and then be lowered to 6.
  • Defensive Values: We will be making use of Mental DV( (Temp Willpower + Integrity)/2) and Social DV (([Wits or Manipulation or Charisma] + Ability)/2). Mental DV is the equivalent of a dodge or a static refusal to engage. Social DV is the equivalent of a parry and the defender must have the ability to respond to the attack in a meaningful way.
  • Defensive Values: Both Social and Mental DV’s have the same cap of 7 without the use of Feats or magic. See page 169 of the Exalted 2E rulebook for more clarification.

Just something I’ve wanted to add for a while. Observant readers will see that these terms have already made their way into the Feats 2.0 descriptions.

That is it for now. Something to chew on over the long weekend.



~ by occam99 on May 31, 2013.

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