Feats 2.0: Update #10

In which I reveal the first group of Feats for Creation: Fire! Also included are previews of Earth and Water. Find it here or link from the Meta: Files page


~ by occam99 on May 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #10”

  1. What would be the upper limit on HR spent on this feat?

    Cost: 1 HR Requires: Channel 4, Destiny 3
    Duration: Instant Type: Simple, -1 DV
    Prerequisite Feats: Call the Flame
    With a violent upwards gesture the shaman causes a
    swirling storm of flame and smoke to engulf the
    target point. The character rolls (Dexterity + Channel)
    against the Dodge DV of anyone within (Destiny x
    1m). Anyone caught in the Inferno suffers 1L per 1 HR
    spent. This damage is Aggravated to creatures of

  2. In theory the limit is the character’s ((Destiny x 5) – however much they spent on other things this tick).

    We may revise but it establishes a baseline.

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