Feats 2.0: Update #9 – The Friday Edition

Welcome, stranger, to Malik’s Marvelous Market. Your every whim and desire can be found here. Dark and secret fetishes from the jungles of Ghost Valley, perhaps, or golden trinkets plucked from the warm bosoms of Surayan maidens? Ahhh…yes. I see you are a most discerning customer. Not for you these baubles and fancies.

Perhaps I can entice you with a most wonderful treasure. Surely there is no other like it in the world. Cast your eyes – no touching! – over the secret tome of The Nameless! Yes, stranger, contained within these pages of skin and blood are all the mysteries of the Sphere of Subtlety.


~ by occam99 on May 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #9 – The Friday Edition”

  1. Looking good. Just need the time to go through it all. Which sphere are you thinking of doing next?


  2. Undecided as yet. Maybe Creation, maybe Chaos. Might add a 7th sphere (Mundus) for heroic stuff that doesn’t fit into the other categories. Things like travel and crafting.

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