Feats 2.0: Update #6

I present to you, after an arduous journey through untold peril and hardship, after ascending to the fortress-home of the Gods and reaching into the fires of the World Furnace…the finished Sphere of Battle 2.0

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~ by occam99 on May 2, 2013.

8 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #6”

  1. Looking good! I have printed it out and will take some time to digest.

    I see you have added a Throwing Prowess, that new.

    Also no Defensive Prowess (as previously indicated). Deliberate or oversight?


  2. I deliberately left out the Defensive Prowess as I felt that I had included enough defensive options in the other trees. This is open to revision, of course.

  3. Does Quick Riposte only trigger if the parry is successful? What if the attacker has a catastrophe or fails to get any successes on their attack roll?

    Quick Riposte
    Cost: 3 HR Requires: Melee 4, Destiny 4
    Duration: Instant Type: Reflexive, Counter
    Prerequisite Feats: Stalking the Forms
    Those who attack the hero invite their own death.
    This Feat is activated after using Melee Parry DV and
    grants a counter-attack.

  4. Same trigger questions as Quick Riposte above…

    I also think we should max cap it. No more counters in one tick than your Wit stat (I think this limit should also apply to Quick Riposte). No more in one action than your Destiny.

    Stance of the Hungry Void
    Cost: 5 HR Requires: Melee 5, Destiny 5
    Duration: until next action Type: Reflexive, Counter
    Prerequisite Feats: Quick Riposte
    The hero stands ready to force back any who dare
    attack. Every time the hero uses Melee Parry DV, until
    their next action, they have the opportunity to make a

  5. While I quite like this feat as it is sort of different, I would prefer to see it replaced with a melee ability to parry missile weapons. Perhaps Defense of the Iron Raptor could be incorporated under the Thrown Prowess?

    Defense of the Iron Raptor
    Cost: 2 or 4 HR Requires: Melee 3, Destiny 2
    Duration: Instant Type: Simple, -1 DV
    Prerequisite Feats: Quicksilver Stance
    In a move designed to surprise and quickly incapacitate a foe, the hero is able to throw their weapon, resolved as a Melee attack. Range is (Destiny x 8m) and costs 2 HR. Additionally, heroes with Destiny 4+ may spend an additional 2 HR. This causes the attack to become unblockable without Feats or magic.

  6. My thoughts on a replacement for Defense of the Iron Raptor.

    Arrow Cutting
    Cost: 1 HR Requires: Melee 3, Destiny 2
    Duration: Instant Type: Reflexive
    Prerequisite Feats: Quicksilver Stance
    Displaying phenomenal skill, the hero attempts to literally cut enemy missiles out of the air before they reach home. The character can effectively Parry against normal missiles using their Melee Parry DV. They can apply Arrow Cutting against a number of attacks equal to their Destiny in a given tick, each Parry attempt costing 1 HR. Arrow Cutting can only be attempted if the hero is aware of the incoming missile.

  7. Quick Riposte is already limited by the max HR per tick rule (Destiny x 5), since you have to pay 3 HR every time it triggers. Stance of the Hungry Void could probably benefit from a maximum, and either Destiny or Wits would suffice.

    At this stage I have no plans to allow use of Melee Parries against missile weapons. This is a deliberate design decision. The reason Defense of the Iron Raptor is under Melee Prowess is because it uses melee weapons to do something heroic. The actual act of throwing it is somewhat irrelevant as to what category it ends up in.

    I’m wide open to suggestions for new Feats to expand what has been written already – bearing in mind the suggestions in the Exalted rules for player-made Charms – just so long as one group or sphere does not gain the ability to “do everything” all by itself.

  8. Quick Riposte triggers any time you use your Melee Parry DV, successful or otherwise. Interesting point about a catastrophe. I would say that if the attacker has a catastrophic roll then your Parry DV has not been used and thus do not meet the trigger requirements for Quick Riposte. A 0 result on their attack roll is just a sloppy attack and could be countered with this Feat.

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