Feats 2.0: Update #5

For the purposes of contrast, here is the first group of Feats from the Sphere of Chaos. This is the Destructive Ways group, focusing on mainly direct magical attacks. Perma-link on the Meta: Files page.


~ by occam99 on April 23, 2013.

6 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #5”

  1. Looking good…

    I am a bit unclear if the prerequisite for “Consume the Soul” requires either Curse of Immolation or Return to Oblivion or requires them both?

    Consume the Soul
    Cost: 2HR, 1 WP Requires: Channel 5, Destiny 5
    Duration: Instant Type: Simple
    Prerequisite Feats: Curse of Immolation, Return to


  2. Typo, two “to imbue”…

    Chill of the Void…

    The adept is able to imbue [to imbue] their weapon
    with cold, black flames.

  3. Both

  4. Thanks, I’ve already found a few more. I’ll have to put everything through an edit process when I’m done.

  5. Looking at Circle of Fell Fire as it currently stands is OP, I suggest you add a max amount of HR usable 😉

  6. RE: Circle of Fell Fire – After looking at it again, I think you’re right.

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