Feats 2.0: The Balancing Act

As I move the rules set closer to the Exalted 2E rules, I become more and more aware of the balancing issues that must take place. There are a few areas I’d like to highlight, along with my proposed method of handling them.

The first issue is stacking of bonuses into dice pools. Essentially, each type of bonus can only contribute once. Where a character has two specialties that apply, for example, just pick the best one. If two Feats are adding to an Ability, only one applies in a given situation. A piece of equipment that adds to both, say, Dex and Melee would contribute both bonuses but would not stack with a bracer that also added to Melee since both Melee bonuses come from the same type of source. This mirrors how I understand the current Exalted 2E errata.

The second is how the effects of some Feats stack. My current solution is that an action can only benefit from one modifier from a given ‘category’.  So only one damage effect/modifier can apply to a given attack, only one range modifier, only one speed/duration modifier, etc. A Melee attack, for example, could not benefit from both Brutal Strikes and Hammer of the Mountain since both modify damage.

Thirdly, and certainly not least, is the issue of how many Feats a character can use in their action. Exalted allows for only one per tick without the use of Combos. While I despise the use of the word Combo (I know it’s a recognisable term, but I’m building an epic dark fantasy here…not Street Fighter), I am proposing a similar mechanic. I plan to allow 1 Mastery Feat & 1 Sphere Feat per tick without the use of combinations. Combinations must be learned – bought with experience – in much the same way as they are in Exalted.


~ by occam99 on April 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Feats 2.0: The Balancing Act”

  1. I like the way you are heading with this. I think it is important to limit a player’s ability to boost one specific aspect. This will reduce the minmax effect and in turn lead to more balanced character generation.

    Something I talked about earlier, have you given any thought to separate the boost of melee skill to either affecting the attack pool or DV calculation, but not both. This may be an extra level of complication, but I thought it had some merits…


  2. It may end up being too complicated. Some players have enough trouble keeping track of their DV as it is, without having to remember if they used their specialty bonus last time they attacked (and thus can’t use it for DV).

  3. Just had another thought. It’s something we talked about earlier. Are you planning to treat a continuation of a guard action past 3 ticks as one action? This will obviously have an impact upon feats like Stalking the Forms.

  4. We were talking about this, I believe, as an exemption specifically for Blade Wall. So, no, each Guard action is a discrete action.

    However, if you read Stalking the Forms, you’ll see that it is activated on a Guard action, but continues until the character next makes an attack of any kind. They are not required to make subsequent Guard actions to maintain Stalking the Forms.

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