Feats 2.0: Update #4 – The Friday Edition

A special gift for my faithful followers (the number of which I could fit on the back of my motorcycle. Not that I have a motorcycle…).

The first draft of the first Feat group of the first Sphere I am working on: I present Melee Prowess from the Sphere of Battle.

The PDF can be found here or on the Meta:Files page. The document will be kept updated as I complete further groups.


~ by occam99 on April 19, 2013.

6 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #4 – The Friday Edition”

  1. Oooh… I like these. Opens up all sorts of possibilites for melee focused characters. Cant wait to see what the other sphere’s have.


  2. Hehe…thought you might like to see that.

  3. I don’t see a feat in battle to mitigate the mobility penalties of wearing armour. Is this intentional, to be covered by some other mechanism or an oversight?


  4. What you’re seeing is ONLY the feats relating to melee. Battle will also contain further ‘trees’ relating to different combat aspects. Go back to the first update – the PDF there has the groups I’m currently considering.

    The defensive prowess may contain feats for mitigating armour, or the Athletics group in Subtlety. Or maybe both?

  5. There are going to be a LOT more feats than there were before.

  6. Ah, makes sence…

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