Feats 2.0: Update #3

Meta: Files page now contains an updated document detailing Character Generation 2.0. Comment as you wish.


~ by occam99 on April 18, 2013.

13 Responses to “Feats 2.0: Update #3”

  1. Lots of new information to digest…


  2. My plan at this stage is for all players to remake their characters at the start of the next campaign. Everyone will have the option to remake their existing, or make a completely new one. Everyone will then get x amount of experience for your adventures so far. Those who choose to keep their characters will be eligible to purchase Destiny 4.

  3. You can have a Melee specialty in “Short Sword” and “Multiple Opponents”, up to a maximum of three ranks in each of them?

    You would calculate your attack pool by adding Dex, Melee and Weapon Accuracy. If you attacked with a short sword, would you add your ranks in the speciality to this? If you attacked multiple opponents with a short sword, would you add your ranks in both specialities to this?


  4. Another thought, when defending against “Multiple Opponents” with a “Short Sword” would you add ranks in specialities when determining DV?


  5. I guess we have two options (without seeing if there is clarification in Exalted’s errata):

    1) Sure add them both, remembering the maximum bonus from all sources is Attribute + Ability)

    2) State that only the best specialty bonus applies in any given situation.

    I’ll make sure to clarify that moving forward.

  6. According to the Exalted wiki, yes.

  7. How do you see the “War” ability working?

    For example, Azo and two dwarven marines are surrounded by 50 Blackbloods. Azo has a brilliant idea. He impales a Blackbloods on his sword and uses him as a battering ram to plough through the surrounding Blackbloods with the other two dwarves pushing from behind until they escape…

    This has to work because Azo made his War ability roll…

    Wouldn’t the emphasis be on roleplaying the situation rather than just rolling dice to determine an outcome…

    What are your thoughts?

  8. Just a thought in relation to specialities; I wonder if we should have a house rule that they either add to attack pools or DV calculations but not both. Otherwise I wonder if we have the potential risk of the “always on” buffs from 1st edition feats…

    5 Dex, 5 Melee and 6 points in “always on” specialities give you 16 attack pool and 8 DV without expending any HR.

  9. Generally speaking War is for large scale combat – either as part of a unit, or leading forces. Your example is really a relevant example – I’d probably resolve it with say Strength + Presence with a stunt bonus.

    If it was part of a larger engagement, Perception + War might have prevented Azo’s squad from being surrounded in the first place.

  10. After further investigation I’m thinking that specialties do NOT stack. I’m down with keeping DV values lower, so we’ll see.

  11. Some further thought to a discussion we were having the other day. You said that in your mind the maximum DV we should be able to obtain, before shield and feats are added, was 6. I agree this is the target we should be aiming for.

    Unfortunately with the current mechanic (Dex + Melee + Speciality + Weapon mod, divided by 2) this does not quite work. Maximums work out (5 Dex + 5 Melee + 3 Speciality + 1 or 2 Weapon mod) at around 8. Even if we drop the maximum ranks in a Speciality to 2, the calculation still max’s out at 7.

    II think we need to review the mechanic. I suggest (4 + Dex + Melee + Speciality + Weapon mod) divided by 3. This generates a maximum of 6 and as a by-product it also increases the minimum from 1 to 2. So base DV’s will range 2-6, instead to 1-8:
    Raw score Current DV Revised DV
    2 1 2
    3 2 2
    4 2 3
    5 3 3
    6 3 3
    7 4 4
    8 4 4
    9 5 4
    10 5 5
    11 6 5
    12 6 5
    13 7 6
    14 7 6
    15 8 6

    In the past you thought that a divide by 3 mechanic would produce more ‘sweet spots’ and discourage on-going investment in the derivative stats. I can’t deny that sweet spots are there, but not much more than currently exists. Looking at the above table; a raw score of 13 seems to be a target for both systems, while 11 is another for the current system and 10 for the alternative. Will these ‘sweet spots’ discourage on-going investment in the derivative stats? I would suggest not, because the derivative stats are also used for so many other rolls (i.e. attack rolls for Melee and Dex, manoeuvre rolls for Dex etc). Would you hold off investing in another rank in Melee, just because it does not result in increased DV? I would say that it was increasing my chance of hitting someone and go for it…

    What do you think?


  12. Bum, table never work when posting comments here. Not sure how you amage to do it…

  13. It’s actually worse than you think.

    Since the weapon mod is variable, I’m not sure we should really be concerning ourselves with it – especially since we may change them before this is through. But let’s roll with it anyway:

    Let’s assume that I’m going to make specialties cap at +2. Let’s assume the warrior with Dexterity 5, Melee 5 (Specialty 2), a tower shield and a 1-handed weapon with no defense penalty (doesn’t matter what kind, as you’ll soon see).

    This warrior – who is at the absolute peak of non-heroic ability, the best of the best short of having Feats – will have a resting DV of (5 + 5 + 2 + 5)/2 = 9( assuming they are, in fact, a hero and thus round up).

    Where does the +5 on the end come from? The shield, which is now considered a high-defense offhand weapon instead of mobile cover, gives +5 defense. Unless the warrior has a magical weapon that gives more than +5, then they use the shield value.

    This leaves us right back where we started. But I really don’t want to introduce a new mathematical formula just for combat DV’s. I’m going to be introducing social and mental DV’s and I’d prefer to use the same system for them all.

    What does this mean? I’m going to have to do some serious thinking about gear, for starters. I’m also thinking of having armour mobility penalties apply to parry DV as well, with Feats providing only temporary relief.

    There is more work to be don, but I’m really adverse to changing the basic formula.

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