Feats 2.0 Update #2

In the Meta: Files section you will now find the first draft plan for how I am looking to implement Feats 2.0. Available in Word 2007 or PDF formats.

In the next day or so I should have a similar document for revised Character Generation.


~ by occam99 on April 17, 2013.

4 Responses to “Feats 2.0 Update #2”

  1. I like where you are heading with this. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the character development. A couple of questions/comments:
    1. I think you need to clarify the timing of the three Mastery use. I presume for the first two you will need to declare their use prior to rolling dice. How about the third? Would you activate it before you roll or after making your first roll? When you add to a DV with the third Mastery, would you decide to use before or after your opponent rolls?
    2. I can see this second incarnation of the feats system using a lot more Heroic Reserves. I can see this needing to be balanced out with more opportunities to recover them.
    3. I think the cost vs benefit set out under point iii is spot on…


  2. 1. First and Second Mastery Feats must be declared and paid for before you roll, since they are part of your pool. Third Mastery, since it is a reroll, is declared afterwards.

    Any Feat that affects DV should be declared and paid for before the opponent rolls their attack, unless otherwise stated. It is worth noting that DV boosts from these Mastery Feats only apply to the attack against which they are activated – including flurries – and do not persist.

    2. That’s the plan, and starting pools will be larger as well as you shall soon see.

    3. Cool.

  3. Based upon something Ben mentioned the other day…

    1. I presume use of a Mastery applies to one roll. If you flurry and attack 3 times, then you would need to pay the HR for any boost to each of these rolls…

    2. Will we still be able to channel virtues? If so will you look at the duration of this ability? Currently bonus applies to all actions undertaken during the tick the virtue was channelled…

  4. Not quite right.

    1. Use of a Mastery applies to an ACTION. A flurry is an action, so it would improve all applicable rolls in the flurry. eg: 10 pool, 3 attacks, + 10 dice from First Melee Mastery would result in 3 attacks @ 17, 16 & 15 dice respectively.

    Conversely, an enemy flurry is also an action. Thus boosting your DV with a Mastery applies it against the whole flurry. That bonus would not apply to attacks made in the same tick by another opponent, however.

    2. Channeling a virtue applies it to the ACTION. A Flurry is an action, thus the bonus applies to the appropriate dice polls in the flurry.

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