Feats 2.0

A discussion among the Monday Nighters has lead to a decision to redesign the Feats system. In a nutshell, I have become increasingly disillusioned with how my first design has performed in-game. Several Feats became “essential” to be a competitive combat character, some were so useful that they totally overshadowed others, others were too situational compared to their peers and I had an overall feeling that the system was no longer…exciting.

I want the special things that heroes can do to be exciting. I’d like combat or heroic interaction to have meaningful choices and some dynamism, not a series of power activations by rote. I’d like to see a lot more different things being done. I’d like to make the Feats system cool.

To begin with, I think I’ll summarise the points we talked about and agreed on last night. These will be the initial design goals, moving ahead.

  • Make Feats smaller – short duration, high impact.
  • Give each Feat variable power levels, rather than introducing more powerful iterations.
  • Remove or reduce passive & duration-buff type powers.
  • Establish a basic standard in regard to costs.
  • Have many more different Feats available.
  • Establish several trees per sphere.
  • Core powers are general, with more advanced Feats becoming specialised or situational.
  • Provide a much better framework for building a ‘caster’-type character.
  • Reduce the combat disparity between fighter and non-fighter types, when Feats are not being used.
  • Make use of Feats a meaningful decision.
  • Make magic (real magic) have consequences – particularly for failure.
  • Reduce complexity where it exists.
  • Avoid increasing complexity – especially in combat related Feats.
  • Make it dramatic.
  • Make it cool.

In the next day or two, I hope to have a working document up that will show the various trees I’d like to implement. Please note that this is merely my first idea and I’m not adverse to changing it or scrapping it in favour of something cooler.

I am still adhering to the Design Principles page, so bear that in mind if you want to make a suggestion.


~ by occam99 on April 16, 2013.

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