The Desert’s First Rose

Harken to me, children, and hear my words. These are the stories of our people, tales of strength and honour, malice and cowardice. These are the tales of how the nine tribes survived the Suffering, and how the sands came. Yes, Shuri, of course there is a princess in this story.

Long ago, before the sands swept across the land, two great khans were blood brothers. Rashid, of the Bedine, and Muzaffar, of the Fe’din.  Each was as strong and clever as the other and the respect they shared spread to their tribes. Together, the Bedine and Fe’din were strong and prosperous but it was not to last. It came to pass that Rashid’s cousin, a woman of great beauty, was promised to Muzaffar in marriage. At first there was joyous celebration but Rashid did not drink at the feast nor did he speak in honour of the betrothal. Jealousy clouded his heart for he too desired a bride but none among the Fe’din were a match for his cousin’s beauty and worth.

I’ve added the Middle Surayan: Book III to the side bar. Hope y’all like it.


~ by occam99 on December 19, 2012.

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