Rules Updates

Couple of things here for consideration:

  • Mob Rule: For the last couple of weeks, when the party has been engaged in combat using the new Mob rules, I have been neglecting the DV penalty that multiple attacks by a mob incur on the defender. Be aware that I will be attempting to remember to apply this properly in the future, so the existing dynamic may change.
  • Harried Trial: When a defender is outnumbered they will suffer a DV penalty. A defender may safely defend against a number of opponents equal to their Wits attribute – each attacker after that confers a cumulative -1 DV penalty. This ruling will not apply when engaging mobs, as they have a built in mechanic (see above). Remembering, of course, that an actor’s DV resets on their action.
  • Aggravated Assault: Defenders my soak against Aggravated damage with Armour only (Lethal value). This rule is already in place in the core rules but I have been neglecting it.

~ by occam99 on October 1, 2012.

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