Reporting In

No new content last week, but I do have a few things I wanted to mention. These items mainly concern the Monday Nighters – for everyone else who follows the blog: I apologise for the lack of content updates, we should see some soon.

Obsidian Portal: All of my crew should be signing up. Every player who creates an account and get’s themselves added to the campaign receives a “+10 Vorpal Holy Avenger”. Click the link, create an account, become a fan of the Legends of the Three Pillars – as soon as I see that I’ll add you as a player.  I have been doing quite a bit of work to get our campaign pages looking pretty and I think you’ll enjoy it.

♦ Errata: There are a few things I need to change – some feats, some gear and some Abilities. These are changes that have been discussed – either in the comments here, the forums at Obsidian Portal (get signed up, dammit), or at the table. These changes will happen after tonight’s game session. There’s no need to freak out, just be aware that they are coming.

♦ New Content: Part of the reason for the lack of new written content and lore recently is the work I’m doing on the Obsidian Portal pages (clicky, clicky). The other reason is the work I’m doing on a super secret squirrel map project for the campaign. Stay posted, might have something to sneak preview soon.



~ by occam99 on July 16, 2012.

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