Almost There…

One week to go before we kick off the campaign. I have to say that I’m a little nervous. I have invested quite a bit of effort into LoTP but that is only one step. The real work begins when we start to share the story – does the setting (and my ability as a GM) contain enough energy, focus and momentum to make a really enjoyable campaign?

I’m lucky enough to have played with the same group of people, more or less, for several years. We know each other’s foibles and habits, we expect each other to play certain kinds of characters (and we’re not often disapointed), we can take some highly educated guesses as to how another player will react in a given situation.

Part of what I want to do involves challenging some of that familiarity – I want to put my players into situations that we don’t usually explore, I want to use themes that aren’t common to our games so far. But, at the same time, I don’t want to shove everyone out of the plane without a parachute. I am nervous about my ability to tweak the familiar just enough to make it enjoyable – this is a game after all – and memorable, but not so much as to be uncomfortable.

Meh – I’m blabbering. Stay tuned for more content updates – hopefully – soon.


~ by occam99 on July 2, 2012.

6 Responses to “Almost There…”

  1. Now you have just increased the suspence and made the wait that much harder. So many unanswers question… Its killing me!

    Hehe. Looking forward to kicking things off…


  2. You have questions? Ask away…

  3. Just the normal ones…
    – How is the first session going to start? What is the hook?
    – Where will we be and what will be expected of us?
    – What characters will everyone be playing and how will these fit in togeather? Is there going to be “the guy from left-field” who wants to “go there own way / do their own thing”?
    – Have I choosen the correct type of character to fit in with the other players and the campaign setting?

    To this you have now added:
    – So what is the new “situations that we don’t usually explore”?
    – The “themes that aren’t common to our games so far”?
    – How do these effect the possible answers to my questions above…

    I am sure they will all get answered in due course. Its just the waiting that killing me…


  4. OK – I can answer some of those now, and some will just have to wait until next Monday.

    Situations that we don’t normally explore is largely covered by moral and ethical dilemmas. LoTP is a dark and violent place – much more so than any campaign I’ve written to date – expect some of that to leak out onto the table for you guys to deal with.

    Themes that aren’t common to our games: horror, for one. By that I mean scary-creepy horror, not the horrible things that people do to each other. Politics, drama, puzzles. We often skirt around these things in search of the action. Some of it stems from each player needing to be a special snowflake, but maybe we can elevate our game just a teensy bit and see what happens.

    What’s the hook for the first session? I know you read Obsidian Portal, you should be getting an inkling by now…

    What kinds of characters are other people playing? I know some of what people are planning, and hopefully the collaberative process of building a character as part of the first adventure will bring you guys together.

    Lone-wolf characters who are *always* 200 feet ahead of the party, or wandering off by themselves to gather herbs will soon find out exactly how dark and violent the campaign world is. Left-field-strange is OK and plenty in keeping with the campaign world. Left-field-creepy is possibly even better.

  5. Tick, tock, tick, bloody tock… Enough waiting already…

    Made it to middle Surayan in the list so far. Fantastic just wish I’d spaced it out more.

  6. Muahahaha…I feed on your anticipation. It is almost as delicious as the tears of the innocent…

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