Arsenals of the Realms, Part 3

In researching and writing these posts I have had to absorb a fair bit of knowledge. As a consequence I have had several of my preconceptions challenged – which is a Good Thing and a healthy part of personal growth – resulting in a revision of a statement I made in the first post (here).

*A note on technology: Arms and armour are generally manufactured from iron, and that is the baseline for weapon stats. Steel is uncommon in the lands of Men, being expensive and difficult to make, but much more prevalent in the hands of Dwarves and Elves.

Given the types of weapons and armour I have outlined in these posts, that is not going to work. Obviously some form of steel-based industry is required in order to outfit the Carathan and Surayan armies in the manner described. I am not a metallurgist, so I won’t try to give an exact description of the type of steel used by Man in the Legend of the Three Pillars, but I will say that it is superior to iron but no where near the quality one might see in the late medieval period of our own world.

*A revised note on technology: Armour is generally manufactured from iron and bronze, while weapons will be either iron or steel. High quality steel is uncommon in the lands of Men, being expensive and difficult to make, but much more prevalent in the hands of Dwarves and Elves. Chainmail is most often made with iron links, while plates and bands are more likely to be bronze or, rarely, a medium quality steel. It is therefore a costly and ongoing exercise for warriors and armies to maintain their armour.

The promised section on disambiguation is after the break.

In this section I aim to provide some historical examples of the types of weapons and armour that I envisage when I use the terms from the Exalted™ rulebook. Since this setting has a different ‘flavour’ to it than the core rules I will also provide alternatives for the armour definitions.


  • Chopping Sword: Falchion, Cutlass, Dadao
  • Great Sword: Claymore, Flamberge, Zweihander, Zhanmadao, Nodachi
  • Short Sword: Gladius, Xiphos
  • Slashing Sword: Sabre, Shamshir (scimitar, talwar, et al)
  • Straight Sword: Broadsword, Longsword, Spatha, Katana

Most other weapons are fairly self-explanatory – an axe is an axe is an axe, after all.


  • Buff Jacket: Describes any kind of leather armour or padding that protects the entire torso, arms and upper legs.
  • Reinforced Buff Jacket: Describes any sort of leather armour or padding that protects the torso, arms and upper legs with the addition of chainmail or light metal elements to reinforce key areas, such as the chest, shoulders and abdomen.
  • Chain Hauberk: Describes any long ‘coat’ of amour that is comprised primarily of flexible metal elements – such as chain or rings – backed by padding.
  • Lamellar: Describes any suit of armour that is comprised primarily of interlocking metal elements that protects the torso, upper arms and upper legs. Examples might include the lorica segmentata, Japanese O’Yoroi, or Byzantine klivanion. I’m aware that it is not completely accurate to conflate lamellar and laminar armours but, for ease of use, the definition will suffice.
  • Breastplate: As described, but may also include hardended leather variants with sufficent reinforcing.
  • Reinforced Breastplate: As above, with the addition of other elements, such as chainmail or lamellar sleeves or skirt, or greaves for arms and legs.
  • Chain Shirt: As described, but can also include shirts of lamellar or scale that protect primarily the torso.

So that is it – here endeth the tour of arms and armour in the Legend of the Three Pillars. I hope you enjoyed your time with us and will stop by again soon.

Questions and comments…..begin!


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3 Responses to “Arsenals of the Realms, Part 3”

  1. All makes perfect sense to me…


  2. Are the “Arsenals of the Realms” pages going to be linked on the page listing down the right hand side?


  3. At some stage I will collate some of the information into pages for the sidebar. Not in the near, forseeable future, but yes.

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