Content Update

Whew! All Feats are now converted to comply with Exalted (2nd Edition) mechanics. There have been serious changes to combat Feats, as well as some minor tweaks to other stuff, so make sure to check it out and stay current. Content at Obsidian Portal will be updated later today or tonight.

All old copies of Feats that are circulating in dead-tree format are to be located and treated with extreme prejudice.

Also up are the Experience costs for character development. Find it here or in the side bar.

I have made some aesthetic changes to the side bar as well to keep the expanding ‘lore’ sections in some semblance of order.

Still to do:

  • Write up culture/geography for the Surayan Satrapies.
  • Write up Middle and recent histories for the Surayan Satrapies
  • Make a map for the Surayan Satrapies
  • Finish the map for the Savage March

~ by occam99 on May 25, 2012.

One Response to “Content Update”

  1. Well done! Look forward to absorbing it…


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