Crushing the Aronites.

For the Monday Nighters, a preview of tonight’s festivities:

The door exploded.

Spear-sergeant Edred’s armoured bulk filled the splintered doorway for a moment, then moved aside as he waved his men into the room. They were efficient, breaking off into pairs to search the house. In their wake came the Immaculate Sisters, three of them, clad in gleaming white samite, their serene pace more suited to the cloisters of the Monolith than the violent search for heretics.

Still, they had iron in them, Edred thought, especially Sister Magret. She did not balk in the slightest when it came to the Questioning and Edred suspected she had more than one dagger secreted under that habit. She stood at his side, calmly waiting for Edred’s legionaires to finish their search.

Sister Magret and her aides, Erris, Vallar and Julyn, had been dispatched from the First Tower of the Monolith to investigate the brutal slaying of a magistrate in the southern town of Ban Illyn. Although the villagers had appeared properly shocked by the murder, Magret had her suspicions about their loyalties. This area was deep in the heartland of the ancient Aronite Heresy and evidence of their activity was mounting.

Vallar vanished from her rooms a week into the investigation. The trail of blood had led Magret and Edred to this house, once the home of a wealthy merchant but abandoned some years ago.

Lyle, one of Edred’s veterans, poked his head into the room. “Sergeant, Sister, the house is empty but I think you’ll want to see this”.

‘This’ turned out to be a gaping hole in the wall of the root cellar. Sinister marking were painted on the walls around it. Magret’s lips compressed – she had seen these markings before. With a curt nod to Edred, she lifted her skirts and stepped into the tunnel beyond. The legionaires drew weapons and followed silently.

The tunnel descended steeply before emerging into a vast natural cavern. Moonlight filtered dimly through a fissure high above, illuminating a ghastly scene. Sister Vallar, naked and bleeding from a dozen cuts, was suspended above a score of villagers. They had their faces turned up to receive the dripping blood as they chanted and swayed. Magret’s suspicions were confirmed – Aronites!

Edred’s men fanned out – archers to the flanks while the rest formed a shieldwall – and advanced on the cultists. Magret drew a long dagger and followed, Erris and Julyn with their staves at her heels. A villager, more observant than the rest, howled a warning. The cultists, fuelled by their macabre ritual, siezed weapons and surged towards Edred’s line.

We’re going to run a trial combat scene tonight using the Exalted 2nd Edition rules. I am much more familiar with the 1st Edition combat mechanics and I have written my Featss with that in mind. I do see a lot of merit in what the 2e rules have to offer so we’ll give it a try. If it fits then I will go back to the Feats sections and revise them for 2e mechanics.

I have stat blocks for the valiant men and women of the Eleventh Legion as well as the Immaculate Sisters of the First Tower. So there should be a few different syles for the players to try.


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  1. Cool, looking forward to it…


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