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I have updated two pages, Character Creation and Character Systems, to add the long overlooked rules for Health Levels. The mechanic for how health levels work should be familiar to any Storyteller veterans.


~ by occam99 on March 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    What are your thoughts on soak? As most PC’s will be without supernatural bonuses they will be unable to soak lethal damage, unless they have armour, and then only to a limited amount. As most PC’s and NPC’s will have lethal weapons, I can see combat being very short and bloody… The average PC broadsword damage pool will be around 6 dice, while a light or medium armour only gives a soak pool of 2 or 3 dice… Maybe this is what you are aiming for?

    Are you thinking of allowing PC’s to soak lethal damage with Stamina (or perhaps 1/2 Stamina)? It would increase the importance of Stamina, which I think would end up being a dump attribute under the current rules. This would also raise the importance of aggravated damage again (which currently seems to be fairly limited).

    The other option would be to make healing easier (i.e. healing potions, NPC healers etc). Otherwise you are going to have PC’s out for weeks or months on end recovering from what may be very minor fights in the overall storyline.

    Your thoughts?


  2. First, check out my reply here, if you didn’t already.

    To expand on healing rates and recovery from injury:
    The Healing Talent allows a character to speed up ‘natural’ healing times with a skill check.
    The first-tier Battle feat Blood of the Hero allows a character to ignore wound penalties, which is useful if the character has not had time to fully recover.
    The first-tier Order feat Restore the Body is magical healing for bashing or lethal damage.
    The first-tier Creation feat Rejuvenation is also magical healing for bashing and lethal damage.

    There are options. The lack of easy healing options for aggravated damage is what makes it so scary.

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