Token Resources

In the spirit of trying New Things with this campaign I am toying with the idea of a token system that combines elements of a “action point” systems, an experience system and a “doing cool things reward” system. This is definitely new for me, and possibly my players, although I’m sure there are games out there that have some or all of these mechanics built in.

In a nutshell it breaks down like this:

  • Player A does something cool (epic in-character roleplaying, solving a difficult puzzle, saving the party etc) and gets a ‘Heroic Token’.
  • The token may be exchanged for various other cool things (such as a free action, automatic critical success, spontaneous healing, recharging Heroic Reserves or Willpower, etc).
  • Tokens may be freely traded between players (Maybe, perhaps).
  • At the end of a chapter any unused Tokens are worth 1XP to the player that holds it. (And to prevent hoarding it will probably be mandatory).

Experience rewards overall would be slightly lower than normal to compensate. The idea being that the players have some mechanical control over how their characters are interacting with the story beyond mere attribute/skill checks. They get to make the choice – save tokens for more XP or burn them to beat difficult odds? Keep them all for myself or trade them for favours? Help the party or help myself?

Tell me what you think.


~ by occam99 on September 12, 2011.

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