Monday: Soundtrack

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In an effort to get more blogging done, I’m going to try and theme some posts. Monday’s theme will be based on the things that influence what I’m developing.

I do not tend to work very well in silence. My mind wanders and I become very unproductive. Generally speaking, music is what keeps me on track. And when I’m writing for games, I like to have music that reflects the themes I’m writing for.

So what am I listening to while I work on ‘Book II: The Break of Dawn’? Only what I consider to be the best fantasy soundtrack of all time – ‘Conan the Barbarian’ by Basil Poledouris. Specifically the 2010 recording by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus (link below).

Regardless of what you think of the movie itself (I like it), or movie adaptations of Robert E. Howards work (hit & miss), I do not think there’s anything bad you can say about the soundtrack. I’m not a music critic, and I do not intend to review the work.

I do know, however, that this piece instantly puts me into the proper state of mind for writing my world and the stories we tell.

Soundtrack on iTunes (Original movie soundtrack version)

YouTube (City of Prague Philharmonic and Chorus):


The Savage Plan

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So here is what I would like to do. When the current chapter of the story (“The Break of Dawn”) wraps up, I would like to run a short adventure using the Savage Worlds conversion. I do not mind if this uses pre-made characters or if the players wish to tinker up characters of their own.

This will give everyone, including myself, to get a feel for how the system correlates to the setting. It also serves to identify any really, glaringly big holes in the rule set. Then, we can continue on with the current story – either in the current Storyteller format or in the new Savage Worlds format.

I anticipate that this story will take two, perhaps three, sessions to complete. It will be set in the world of the Three pillars (obviously) but would be unrelated to the current chronicle.

Savage Legends Spell Reference

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For you, Mister T.

Savage Legends Spell Reference (PDF)

Savage Legends

•March 24, 2014 • 2 Comments

I know there are a couple of you who want to hack into the proposed conversion to Savage Worlds and see what you can break. Here you go:

Savage Legends (PDF)

Does not yet have the required Lore skills for Chaos spells. Note also the change to Creation – the casting penalty for having multiple elements is no longer removed when the caster has all four.

Credit for a lot of the extra stuff here goes to the excellent Hellfrost supplement by Triple Ace Games.


Tipping the Scales #3

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Another balance pass completed, this time affecting Order and Arcane. At the time of writing, I have not uploaded PDF’s of updated documents for these two – I will get to it in the next couple of days. All changes can be found on the Addendum page.

I do not anticipate doing a pass of Subtlety or Battle any time in the near future, unless there is an issue that the group wants addressed.

Let me know in the comments.

EDIT: Updated PDF versions of Arcane and Order have now been uploaded and correctly linked. Find them on the Meta: Files page.

Tipping the Scales #2

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I have started a balance pass of Feats that have been brought to my attention. Creation & Chaos have been updated. Order is next. The full list of changes can be found on the Addendum page.

Tipping the Scales

•November 29, 2013 • 8 Comments

I have been weighing up the various feedback I have been given regarding the power level of magic as opposed to melee. I would like to propose the following changes, effective as soon as we agree on them.

First of all, both of the direct-damage-single-target Feats will change to this:

Oblivion Bolt / Call of Flame

Cost: 2 HR Requires: Channel 2, Destiny 2
Duration: Instant Type: Simple
Keywords: (Chaos / Creation), Combo, Obvious
Prerequisite Feats: Any Channel Mastery

This Feat is a basic ranged magical attack. Range is equal to (Channel x 10m). The attack is resolved with (Dexterity + Channel) against Dodge DV and has a base Lethal damage equal to the caster’s (Intelligence + 3). This Feat gains additional benefits as the character’s Destiny increases. Each choice is a permanent upgrade to the Feat and the character must learn the Feat a second time to select different options.

At Destiny 3 the character may choose +1 Rate or + 1 Damage.
At Destiny 4 the character may choose -1 Speed (4) or +2 Accuracy.
At Destiny 5 the character may choose +1 Rate or +1 Damage.
At Destiny 6 the character may choose +2 Accuracy or to give the attack the Piercing attribute.
At Destiny 7 the character may choose +1 Rate or +1 Damage.
At Destiny 8 the character may choose +2 Defense or +2 Accuracy.
At Destiny 9 the character may choose +1 Rate, +1 Damage or +1 Defense.
At Destiny 10 the character may choose +1 Rate, +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage or +1 Defense.

Secondly, I propose making the following changes to Feats in the Ways of Destruction tree of the Sphere of Chaos:

Oblivion Swarm

Cost: N/A Requires: Channel 3, Destiny 3
Duration: Permanent Type: Passive
Keywords: Chaos
Prerequisite Feats: Oblivion Bolt

Chaos spirits swarm over the targets of the loremaster’s Oblivion Bolts. This Feat is a permanent upgrade to Oblivion Bolt. The bolts continue to deal damage to the target on the following ticks. Each tick the target will take 1 unsoakable Lethal damage. The effect lasts for (caster’s Occult -1) ticks. Oblivion Swarm only triggers if the target suffers unsoaked damage from the Oblivion Bolt. Damage from Oblivion Swarm may not exceed the unsoaked damage the target suffered from the original Oblivion Bolt. This effect does not “stack” – as each subsequent Oblivion Bolt will override any existing Oblivion Swarm effect.

Oblivion Unchained

Cost: +2 HR Requires: Channel 3, Destiny 3
Duration: Permanent Type: Passive
Keywords: Chaos
Prerequisite Feats: Oblivion Bolt

This is a permanent upgrade to the caster’s Oblivion Bolt. By paying 2 HR more the caster may cause their Oblivion Bolts to explode on impact, affecting an area equal to (Destiny x 1m).

Unleashing the Void

Cost: N/A Requires: Channel 5, Destiny 4
Duration: Permanent Type: Passive
Keywords: Chaos
Prerequisite Feats: Oblivion Unchained

This is a permanent upgrade to the loremaster’s Oblivion Bolt. Any target that is killed by the caster’s Oblivion Bolt explodes in a blaze of black fire. The diameter of the explosion is equal to the victim’s Destiny and inflicts damage equal to the caster’s Oblivion Bolt base damage, soaked normally. Secondary targets are not considered to be struck by the caster’s Oblivion Bolt for the purposes of follow on effects.


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